ADE Chain’s Has Grown Exponentially with Global Reach of 1 Million Users

ADE Chain is the first social e-commerce, cross-border chain in the world which addresses and resolves the e-commerce industry’s pain points. It is a blockchain-based platform which is used to connect global e-commerce businesses on all channels. It visualizes an innovative system of auto-trading, interconvertible membership, and a social media-based affiliate marketing program that strengthens business and user engagement in a multi-dimensional way. ADE Chain enables global payments, social e-commerce, target-based advertising, and an interconnected membership program that will revolutionize online entertainment and global e-commerce businesses.

ADE Chain Achievements

ADE Chain is the first platform for social e-commerce which uses dynamic blockchain technology for secure transactions. ADE Chain successfully achieves:

  • The successful access to seven wildly diverse markets in just one year, efficiently and effectively utilizing our state-of-the-art e-commerce platform.
  • Global recognition: like when the ADE Chain team was honorably invited to the ASEAN Blockchain Davos Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Global expansive global operations in just one year. Global users have crossed one million and more than 100 employees from 10 different countries have been hired for serving this growing market.
  • Winning the Annual Emerging Award of the Blockchain Industry on the 26th of September, 2018, at the International Digital Economy Expo.

How Does
ADE Deliver Technical Solutions for Traditional E-Commerce?

ADE is currently a private chain based on EOS. It uses social e-commerce such as Amazon and Facebook, where people can buy products at lower rates using ADE and can promote purchased products within their social network to potentially earn profits for themselves. For secure transactions, blockchain technology offers multiple protectional layers. The most influential members receive the largest discount on their purchases.

ADE delivers technical solutions for traditional e-commerce platforms and tokenizes member points into ADE tokens. ADE chain has a 1,140 billion social e-commerce market cap in China for 2018.

UniPlaza (A global social marketplace)

UniPlaze is the first strategic partner of the ADE ecosystem. A global, mobile membership-based, e-commerce transaction system which is responsible for adapting and verifying ADE Chain blockchain solutions with our 1 million global users.

UniPocket (Smart member, light wallet)

The UniPocket is ADE Chain’s Fintech solution for transmitting multiple currencies on one platform. UniPocket is the multi-cryptocurrency transaction and trading wallet which supports all cryptocurrencies along with private key encryption and smart contracts. UniPocket is compatible with the DApp Smart Contract Ecosystem which simplifies and streamlines the use of cryptocurrencies, so that financial transactions are easy for everyone. Supporting all cryptocurrencies and several key fiat currencies, UniPocket offers advanced security with the DApp Smart Contract Ecosystem and will change the e-commerce game.

ADE ChainTeam

Anny Kim, the founder of ADE Chain and Chairman of UniPlaza — the World’s first cross-border, social e-commerce platform integrated with blockchain technology — has more than 15 years of experience in the affiliated marketing business and is a leader of International Brands E-commerce

As Co-founder and CEO of ADE Chain, Rico Pang is a pioneer and leader of cross-border social e-commerce on the blockchain.

Anny Kim and Rico Pang are the core minds in blockchain technology who have created this amazing social e-commerce platform, reaching 1 million users within such a short span of time.

In Summation

ADE Chain is the first social e-commerce, cross-border chain in the world that addresses and resolves the e-commerce industry’s pain points and is responsible for connecting global e-commerce businesses across all channels. The market for e-commerce is massive and is growing as fast as brick-and-mortar stores are closing, and as the ease and flexibility of online shopping grows. ADE Chain’s technology involves solving e-commerce related problems by protecting user data and maintaining a global user database.

The ADE Chain has received the honor of winning the “Annual Emerging Award of the Blockchain Industry” at the  2018 International Digital Economy Expo. While supporting all cryptocurrencies and several key fiat currencies, UniPocket offers advanced security with the DApp Smart Contract Ecosystem and plans to disrupt the e-commerce industry.

ADE Chain aims to bring innovations to its membership system, including: cross-border payment and clearing, social e-commerce, global commodity distribution, social media based affiliate marketing, and targeted advertisements — by implementing its solutions in various fields. By the end of 2019, ADE Chain expects to capture more than 5 million users across the globe.

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