Boox vs. reMarkable – Which is the better e-ink Tablet for Reading?

Pain and eye strain are so common among the electronics users that folks start to realize E-ink technology is getting important in our life. To pick a good device helps to get rid of eye harm caused by the blue light of LCD screen. In the case that you need to spend plenty of time on reading, writing or sketching every single day, you are supposed to own a great eReader.

It is known to us all that, the Kindle is popular over the world and has set off a new wave to digital paper. However, Kindle always focuses on the small size eReader, that makes some E-ink fans eager to have an eReader with a larger screen. And Onyx, an international electronics company, dedicated to the larger size eReader that can offer better reading experience on A5 even A4 paper size documents. As for the eReader industry, Onyx has launched quite a few leading-edge models of eReader, but the fastest-selling one is definitely the Boox Note.

The Onyx Boox Note has a 10.3” E-ink screen slightly larger than A5 size. Users can interact with the screen or flip pages of an e-book by using the accompanied stylus or fingers. With the accompanied stylus, users are also allowed to write or draw in 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. That is to say, the ink can be shown in strong or weak depending on writing pressure.

To compare with the reMarkable and Sony eReaders, Onyx is well known for its powerful Android system. Android devices have got a tremendous response from the users that it’s stable to multitask, easily synchronize to the Google account, and open to a mass of apps. This is the system Android 6.0 Onyx adopts to Boox Note, which means the device is compatible with a variety of third-party apps as an Android mobile phone. Users have complete freedom to download and install any apps you want and customize tons of UI features. Basically, the proposed apps are Outlook, Onenote, Dropbox, Kindle and many others can be used for study or business.

In addition, the software of Boox Note is also more fabulous than expected. For achieving the goal of enhancing reading experience especially for reading PDF documents, the Boox Note provides a variety of practical reading functions such as auto page cropping, font reflow, scribbling, dictionary, etc. With rich reading features of BOOX eReaders, Note can make your reading more enjoyable.

Onyx frequently releases their software upgrade every few months in term of what it collected from users’ opinions. It is heard that lately it got a huge upgrade to vastly improve its performance. As for the note taking, users could even edit, copy, rotate, search their writing notes on Boox Note. By such a great eReader, users can enjoy their study in a simple way. Each time the upgrade endows the Boox Note with endless vitality.

As for the function positioning, the Boox Note is marketed as a digital note taker, aimed at professionals and students that wanted a replacement to paper. It is highly praised since it is portable, stable, multifunctional, and the most importantly, not that costly as a large screen eReader.

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