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Have you been learning Daf Yomi and felt that you wanted to move up a notch in your level of Limud Torah? Did you ever consider learning halacha seriously and in-depth but thought that once you left Yeshiva it was too late? Perhaps you have a dream of obtaining Semicha but it seems like the learning is too complex to be learned by yourself because of your already full schedule?

If you asked any of these questions then Yeshivas Iyun Halacha is the answer.

Rav Aharon Schenkolewski is a talmidchochom who learned in the esteemed Yeshivos of Telshe and Lakewood. Using years of experience in on-line Torah instruction he founded Yeshivas Iyun Halacha, an e-mail-based halacha learning initiative. This yeshiva offers an in-depth program that gives you the ability to learn Halacha at your own pace andin your own place. Once or twice a week, Shiurim in PDF format are sent out, based on each talmid’s learning program. These shiurim explain the concepts and take you from the Sugyos all the way to Halachal’ma’aseh. In many communities there is also a live, weekly shiur. The importance of the rebbi-talmid relationship is a vital key in reaching success in learning, so we try to be reachable 24/6 for our talmidim, whether in person, by telephone or by Skype. It is the perfect real-time complement to the shiurim

Together with Harav Dovid Ostroff (a morehhora’ah in HarNof, talmid of Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach and chavrusa of Harav Ezriel Auerbach Shlit) and Dayan Yitzchok Oshinsky (a Dayanon the Beis Din Rabbani of Haifa), Yeshivas Iyun Halacha has a team of Rabbanim that are there for you.

When asked what separates Iyun Halacha from other on-line learning programs, Rav Schenkolewski replied, “Our slogan is: ‘Take the baismedrash with you wherever you go.’ Whether you are waiting at the bank, sitting on a plane, or just want to get the most out of a few minutes of downtime, you have our material at your fingertips.”

“More critically,” Rav Aharon continued, “we don’t want to be a one-size-fits-all program. Ideally, our students should have some learning background and be comfortable learning the seforim inside. But no matter what level the student is on, he will find his learning skills becoming fine-toned as he progresses through the program. And finally, to avoid the ‘in one ear out the other’ syndrome, we have developed a system of chazarah to enable the students to retain what they learn.”

The program currently offers shiurim in hilchos Shabbos, hilchos IssurV’heter, hilchos brachos, and hilchos Kiddushin. Other topics such as hilchos Nidah, hilchos Aveilus and Choshen Mishpat will be added in the coming months. “The shiurim in hilchos brachos are not merely about what brachah to say over a bowl of Cheerios,” Rav Schenkolewski explains. “Brachos are the keys to the Heavenly palace. One reason why we recite more than 100 brachos each day is that they have the potential to elevate every facet of our lives. Using the Rishonim and later Poskimas a treasure map, we plumb the depths to find the underlying rationale and logic with which Chazal infused the brachos.”

The fees for the program are quite modest. “Clearly there are costs involved in running a program like this full-time,” Rav Schenkolewski says, “but, more importantly, there’s an old saying: ‘Nobody ever washed a rental car.’ A fee-based program mandates a greater degree of commitment by the talmid. Therefore, the end result – a complete and personal Kinyanha Torah – is undoubtedly worth all the sacrifices.”

Participants in IyunHalacha’s programs are effusive with their praise. “Yeshivas Iyun Halacha is as close to a baismedrash experience as you will find without actually being in one,” says Moshe Litwack of Silver Spring, MD. “Where else could I find access to rabbeim with a wealth of Torah knowledge? Where else could I have learned all of those sugyos in depth? The materials were clearly written and the chazarah reinforced what I had learned. At the end of the day, you are only limited by the time you put into the program.”

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