StyleString is a Multi-Purpose Accessory that Adds Stylish Elegance to any Ensemble

Almost everyone has at some point or another desired an accessory like a belt, bracelet or necklace which could add a touch of style to their outfit. The new product StyleString now provides that panache without having to lug around a multitude of jewelry and fashion accessories. Ingeniously designed as a leather band with multiple snaps, StyleString can serve as a belt, headband, bracelet, necklace or even a hat accessory. 

StyleString is available in black, red, gold, leopard or tan and is crafted from the finest materials. Painstakingly manufactured, StyleString is the ideal accessory for any fashion ensemble whether it is professional, casual or formal. The slim design makes StyleString easy to carry in a backpack, tote or handbag, and in just a few seconds it can be rearranged as a stylish accessory. Future lines to include vegan, bridal, and mens.

The StyleString design is currently patent pending and will soon be available in fashion outlets everywhere, but the initial production still needs your financial support. The inventor of StyleString has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise the initial $35,000 needed for manufacturing, designs, promotions, trade shows, and licensing. In return for supporting this important project, you may receive valuable perks like one or more StyleStrings in various colors. If you are unable to financially support this project at this time, please consider sharing news of this amazing product on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Company Name: StyleString™: The Multi-Accessory
Contact Person: Jacqueline Syms
Country: United States