Custom Anti-idiotype Antibody Service Available in Creative Biolabs

New York, US – Dec 28, 2018 – Creative Biolabs, a leading custom service supplier in antibody production and engineering, provides superb custom anti-idiotype antibody services for its clients around the world, for the purpose of helping them with their medical research, preclinical and clinical trials as well as the development of monoclonal antibody drugs.

The anti-idiotype antibody is an antibody that specifically binds to the idiotope of a different antibody. Thus far, it has been applied to a wide range of medical fields for the diagnosis and treatment of miscellaneous diseases. In pharmacokinetic studies and pharmacodynamics, the idiotype antibody serves as a powerful tool of assessing a patent’s drug level by means of capture Sandwich ELISA and antibody bridging. Alternatively, it acts as a positive control in both ligand binding neutralizing and immunogenicity assays, especially in the antibody blocking assays. As regards to therapeutic antibody or vaccine development, it also plays a critical role, responsible for detecting biotherapeutics that closely resemble circulating human immunoglobulins, whether in the preclinical or clinical trials. The anti-idiotypic antibody specific for the unique variable region of the therapeutical antibody is surely an ideal option for these purposes. Out of the exact reasons, Creative Biolabs has kept attaching great importance to the anti-idiotypic antibody services.

“At Creative Biolabs, we divide anti-idiotype antibodies into four types based on the different antigen-binding sites. The first type is the anti-idiotypic antibody detecting the free antibody, which is paratope specific and inhibitory. Characterized with the neutralizing feature, it is intended to detect free drugs. The second type, neither paratope specific nor inhibitory, detects the total drugs, instead. The third type, which detects the BOUND antibody, is not inhibitory, either, and only detects bound drugs. And the fourth type detects the T cell receptor,” a scientist from Creative Biolabs said.

“We can take three distinct approaches to generating anti idiotype antibodies—immunized phage display library technology, premade non-immunized human phage display library technology and hybridomas technology. The technologies have their own unique strengths. The first one prevents the enrichment of antibodies binding to other regions of the target antibody. The second is a good choice in the case of maintaining the correctly folded conformation of target antibody in the absence of immunization. And the third is generally applied to the selection of immunized murine antibodies.”

Judging from the current medical development, the antibodies will solicit increasing attention thanks to its unique advantages and satisfactory therapeutic results at the moment, indicating that the anti-idiotypic antibody will continue to play a vital part in the future research. Thus, it can be safely concluded that a superior antibody service will be in huge demands.

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Creative Biolabs is a leading custom service provider in various antibody production and engineering fields. Its service portfolio covers murine, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production. Moreover, it also offers the services about in-depth antibody humanization and affinity maturation, and the OEM services for large-scale antibody manufacturing at the most competitive price in the industry.

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