Mr. India Global Dhaval Panchal is the “New Kid in the Block” as One of The Highly Anticipated Influencers of 2018

The social media influencers are today’s most significant trend. This 2018, one of the Instagram hypes is none other than Mr. India Global himself, Dhaval Panchal.  The influencers are the people who change the world with what they do, use, wear, and share on social media. Through their influence, they can make a positive change in the world, and Dhaval Panchal serves as one of 2018’s biggest influencers.

Dhaval Panchal, whose Instagram account is @DhavalPanchal, is the so-called new kid on the block. He is one of this year’s newly discovered accounts and is an astonishing undiscovered influencer with plenty of accomplishment up his sleeves. Dhaval cannot be missed if one is looking for a person who is passionate about everything they do. This passion is not only in the many things he engages in but also in being proud of his heritage as an Indian.

He hails from India and is known by the people around him to be proud in letting people know that fact. Dhaval is not only the Mr. India Global, but also an actor, DJ, singer, and model. Currently, he is the ambassador of the famous clothing brand “Express.” Besides an ambassador, Dhaval is famous as a fashion model for some of the top companies in the U.S. As an Instagram influencer he makes sure to posts only high-quality content every day.

But his fame as an influencer does not only extend from posting various contents. It is also from the fact that he interacts with his followers. He is always active in social media, asking his followers their opinions on daily stuff and that makes him more connected to the citizens of Instagram and Facebook. Being someone who actively pursues his dreams and passions, Dhaval has a significant influence on the people who follow him.

The title “Mr. India Global” was won by Dhaval from the year 2017/2018 in a contest that took place in Los Angeles, California. Besides this contest, Dhaval has also won many other competitions that have helped increase his reputation. Among the awards he’s won are Mr. South Asian United States of America (2015), Mr. India America East Coast (2014), and ABC‘s Bachelor Night Award Winner.

He had also appeared in television programs such as Homeland, Necessary Roughness Season 2, and Single Ladies. He had also appeared in Movies before as well such as The Hunger Games, The Internship, and Let’s Be Cops, which he was praised for his flawless performance. Dhaval has also worked on his most recent upcoming movie project “The Mule” with Clint Eastwood and Taissa Farmiga, which came out on December 14, 2018. His dedication to his work and success are a testament that if one has hard work, they can accomplish anything. Having tried out many roles in life, Dhaval is unafraid of failure and continues to make his name in various industries. The young ones always need someone to look up to, and Dhaval is undoubtedly one of the best role models in the Web.

With his actions and behavior, millions around the world cannot help but become his followers. As such, it is not surprising that his Facebook and Instagram followers continue to grow. Once a low-follower newcomer, Dhaval is slowly marking his name in the industry of social media influencers. Right now, he is poised to make a positive influence on the lives of many people with the influence he has on many social media platforms.

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