German LIECTROUX Emotional Healing Robot Gives People The Best Companion When People Need It

“Loneliness is the basic attribute of human beings. If you say that you are not alone, you are obviously lying.” Everyone will have lonely moments in his/her life that do not have companion and people’s emotional needs can not be satisfied. The emotional healing robot comes into being under such circumstances.

In Japan and some western countries, the application of emotional healing robots has become a very common thing. Robots that functions as emotional companions project the family’s emotional needs and the loneliness of modern society. There are now companion robots such as Sony Aibo robot dog, Anki’s Vector robot companion and Honda’s humanoid robot Asimo. Recently, the famous German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has also launched an emotional healing robot that is designed to provide users with a more stable and emotional life.

German LIECTROUX Emotional Healing Robot Gives People The Best Companion When People Need It 

The shape of this emotional healing robot adds baby-like natural “cute” element. It has a chubby appearance, round big eyes and a furry body, giving people a lovely feeling and closeness. It weighs only 3kg, which is equivalent to the weight of a baby. It is convenient for users to cuddle and conduct intimate contact. It can enhance the intimate relationship between humans and robots so as to achieve better emotional healing effect.

Its emotional healing function is also reflected in its interactive mechanism. Its design incorporates human-machine speech interaction technology and emotion recognition technology, coupled with its configured touch-sensitive mechanism, it can quickly and accurately identify various human emotions and give corresponding emotional feedback. It can also respond to human touches, hugs and other body movements, accompanied by its limb swings and anthropomorphic sound effects, giving the user a feeling of communicating with real humans. Its body is full of sensors and the sensor on the top of its head has built-in precision equipment such as a 360-degree rotating camera and a thermal camera to help it identify humans and confirm its master. Its eyes mimic the design of human eyes and give it a sharper eyesight based on the simulation of human eyes. Based on these designs, it is able to perform the most basic intimate interaction with humans to achieve emotional healing effect.

German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute adheres to the rigorous and meticulous style of German military industry. With years of hard work, it has occupied a world in the field of intelligent robot research and development. The emotional healing robot developed by it is currently hot in the market. Sales have brought emotional comfort to many people. The robot vacuum cleaner developed by it is also very popular, which has become a good helper for daily household floor cleaning. (You can view the website: or German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner adopts laser navigation technology, which is able to realize LDS laser radar 360 degree omnidirectional scanning, 20 Hz adaptive scanning frequency, 4000 times laser ranging per second, combined with its self-developed SLAM algorithm, it is able to draw accurate family maps to deal with a variety of terrain environments in the home.

Secondly, its unique sweeping and sucking structure of the chassis can absorb the hair without entanglement when it encounters the hair. When it encounters the dust, it can switch to the floating roller brush to float up and down and stay close to the ground to clean. It is able to clean deep into the gap to conduct thorough cleaning. Secondly, it is equipped with a 500ml large-capacity water tank, which can continuously supply water for 90 minutes. Its three  water-permeable holes are distributed in a golden ratio and have a good control of the water seepage rate and it can achieve even mopping with a large mop made of imported materials. Once launched, the robot vacuum cleaner has became the new darling of the smart home appliance market and was favored by consumers.

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