The Golden Touch: Goldtouch Press Talks Offering Prestigious, Cost-Effective Publishing Services

A NY-based groups of established and experienced professionals from various publishing houses who teamed up to bring authors “accessible and competitive author services” has made waves with its unprecedented success – and is now talking about the factors that led to it. Goldtouch Press, headquartered in NY’s busy Lexington Avenue, is receiving voluminous requests every single day for collaborations from authors who want to take advantage of the group’s expertise in helping them open the gate to a global, genre-following audience.

Whether they are already published or are seeking to be published, all authors share the same feeling of agony of making sure they have done their best to bring maximum exposure to their book,” said Mr. Kevin Go, Goldtouch Press media representative. “With the advent of the internet and digital marketing, now, more than ever before, the book publishing industry has become a global arena where audiences of varied backgrounds, yet with shared tastes, are hungry for new, original and captivating work. At Goldtouch Press, we take great care to communicate our authors’ works’ unique contributions to their respective genres. Our goal is to make readers want to pick up our authors’ books and become part of their storytelling universe, and we are happy to report that we succeed in doing so. We take pride in our author roster, and we can’t wait to collaborate with both aspiring and established authors in bringing their next project to life.”  

Simplifying the self-publishing course for aspiring, beginning and experienced authors, and leading them every step of the way through a personal and dedicated production support, Goldtouch Press offers unique marketing services which bring “real results”, as well as guaranteed social media exposure and growth. In addition to its impeccable services, what makes the company stand out from the competition is the fact that its authors are entitled to 100% of their royalties, meaning they get all the profit of out each book sale, contrary to Goldtouch Press competitors, who get a royalty cut for each book sold.

Those interested in recruiting Goldtouch Press’s services are encouraged to call its toll-free number, 888-404-1388, or send an email inquiry at Goldtouch Press ensures that all incoming requests are addressed in a timely manner through its dedicated client outreach department.

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