Jackson Gosnell provides professionalism on continuous sharing to increase traffic to social platforms

Jackson Gosnell is an up and coming journalist who enjoys the duty of providing news to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat followers. Gosnell has been featured in several online blogpost and news websites as his following has seen a spike over the last few months. The professionalism of such a young storyteller is admired by so many who love the live videos as well as breaking news updates.

Pat Bridges says “The work is quite impressive, the news coverage from Jackson is awesome, he usually knows something before even local news outlets do”, Pat along with others, are continuing to empower Gosnell by the continuous sharing to increase traffic to the platforms.

Jackson often arrives at breaking news scenes to bring live coverage to his following and inform viewers. Thousands gather around to tune in, across four major social platforms. Delivering Information is a key part of providing news and we are sure Jackson has all of the skills.

The most viewed videos on Gosnell’s Facebook page are weather related. Gosnell and his team venture out into the area and provide snow, hurricane and flooding related weather coverage on the social platforms. The high-quality content that is posted on all of his accounts is part of the reason he attracts so many followers and viewers. Instagram and Twitter are the most noteworthy platform where the content is posted, including the stories.

Taking a look at recent statistics, we can see that Jackson’s site and social platforms have promising growth ahead for the future. Take a look at his site as well as social media handles below.

Twitter: GosnellOnTv

Instagram: Jackson.gosnell

Facebook Page: GosnellOnTv

Media Contact
Contact Person: Jackson Gosnell
Email: Send Email
Phone: 864-417-3416
Country: United States
Website: jacksonontv.com