China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability Of HiFi Auido Tube Amplifiers From Some Leading Brands

The new amplifiers are from Raphaelite, Cayin and Yaqin companies, which customers can now purchase at reduced prices from the online store.

High quality amplifiers are always in demand for their ability of amplifying the music quality. There are several leading amplifier brands in the world and these companies design and produce high quality amplifiers and other electronic items for the music industry. China-hifi-Audioalways enjoys the distinction of bringing high quality amplifiers for the music lovers. This time, they have brought some exceptional amplifiers from the leading brands, such as Raphaelite, Cayin, Meixing Mingda and Yaqin. One can check all the relevant details of these products on the website of China-hifi-Audioand can also place an order online for any of these products.

One can browse through the online store to check the features of the newly introduced Raphaelite tube amplifier. This single ended amplifier is available with a protective cover and is available in military green color only. The power tubes of the amplifiers can be customized, and one can choose from 211, 845 and 805 power tubes. According to the spokesperson of the online store, it roughly takes 10 to 15 days to customize the specification of the amplifier as per the customer’s request. All items are 100% brand new and are shipped in the original edition box. The amplifier also comes with a one-year warranty, and this single-ended amplifier is capable of delivering high performance.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability Of  HiFi Auido Tube Amplifiers From Some Leading Brands

The online store also brings a significant Cayin amplifier range, with Cayin A-100T, Cayin A-300B, Cayin A-300P and other amplifiers. All these amplifiers feature a pure handmade point-to-point construction and come with a tube protective cover. The spokesperson reveals that Cayin amplifiers are often shipped with a remote control with an excellent volume control and quiet functions. Moreover, the Cayin amplifiers feature an all aluminum shell CNC precision construction that adds to their durability. Customers often appreciate Cayin series of amplifiers that can take them to a magical and musical tour. The pure evacuated tube can effectively control the noise to a low level for people to enjoy melodious music without any interference.

China-hifi-Audioalso brings Yaqin and Meixing Mingda amplifiers for the music lovers around the world. The online store has Meixing Mingda hi-fi preamplifiers that can achieve up to 7 times amplification. At the same time, the product can achieve a significant time gain and also a remarkable signal to noise ratio. With a gross weight of 3.5kg, the product comes fitted with the made in the UK transformers and Danish Jensen capacitors. With a good frequency response, the amplifier can reduce the distortion factor for an individual to enjoy clear and soft music. The online store is selling the product at reduced prices and with free shipping to the customer’s doorstep.

One can check the fine details of these amplifiers by visiting the website

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