In A Recovering Job Market Executive Coach Dr. Steve Broe’s Book Leaders in Transition Hits Best Seller List

Dr. Steve Broe’s book Leaders in Transition climbed to best seller status, reaching #4 in ‘Personal Success’ and #16 in ‘Leadership’ on Amazon in December 2015.

Addressing the subject of a sudden career change– career coach and best-selling author Dr. Steve Broe of Career Impact Coaching ( specializes in Career impact coaching has been established to helping career changers make the shift in the work they do.

Dr. Broe explains, “When people have career upheaval they tend to mutter through, doing the same thing they have been doing, hoping things are going to get better. They may read a book or two; but they tend to not have a plan for change. They hope something is going to come their way to change the situation. They may see a change coming in their job such as layoffs, or recognize that they are not going anywhere in their career—maybe a project is coming to an end, or plain and simple they are bored, but they don’t know exactly what to do to create the changes they want.”

In his best-selling book Leaders in Transition, Dr. Broe interviews over thirty people who have made major changes in their careers. Broe provides five valuable insights towards people who are changing their careers either because they are forced to because of changes in their employment situation, or because they just feel that it is time for a change. However, the key to Dr. Broe’s approach in his book is to not only help people make a career change, but to be a leader in the field that they wish to go into.

Sometimes, people don’t have the luxury of choosing when they are going to make a career change. When the possibility of a transition occurs mid career, a select few will take the transition and use it to their advantage. Leaders in Transition explores what happens when someone has to make a major transition, and offers some guidance on how to be successful.   And some of the changes that people make in their careers are vastly different than the careers they started out in.

For example, some of Dr. Broe’s clients mentioned in Leaders in Transition were career military who went into education. Dr. Broe’s book highlights the steps necessary to not only start a new career, but how to lead others going through similar career changes. The book is available from Amazon in both standard and Kindle format.

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