Conx2share – Transforming Digital Communication for Mobile Users

An App that Makes Sharing, Communicating, and Connecting with People Easier

Toronto, Ontario – Jan 12, 2015 – Conx2share is a powerful innovative one-stop mobile application that will transform digital relationships between friends, family, co-workers, and the rest of the world into an easy and more personal experience for users. To get more advertising for this life-changing app to the rest of the world and fund advanced development features for the premium version, Conx2share has launched an IndieGoGo Campaign.

Smartphones enable us to connect with the people we love the most— our friends and family. They influence our decisions in the marketplace, increase our productivity in the workplace and keep us constantly informed of the world around us. The availability of information and access to the relationships of our choosing has changed the way we live. This is the app your smartphone has been waiting for. Never before has there been a mobile communication app this beautiful, yet functional and user-friendly like the Conx2share app.

Conx2share has developed a set of revolutionary communication features that mimic non-digital relationships. These features give the user the ability to create and share custom content through text, picture, voice, video and blogging. The app also includes a profile page, with a personal photo, that identifies the user. In addition to the communications features, Conx2share’s social media component is the first designed from the ground up for mobile users and is created to seamlessly function as one mobile communications/social network. This integrated platform allows creation of customized contact groups, such as Family, Business Network, or Close Friends.

“All of our features have been fully integrated into one platform built specifically for mobile users,” says HG Strickland CEO/President of Conx2share, “It’s easy to use, looks amazing and functions seamlessly to create a unique personal experience for everyone.”

Not only was this app created for personal use, but it is also created to help businesses connect with potential customers through its features that allow video embedding, pictures, and real-time content updates to make it easier to expose their business brand. There is also an option to have products sold directly in the app, to drive sales and increase conversation rates.

The app is currently in Beta Testing and is available on Apple’s TestFlight for iPhone, while Android Beta testing will be coming soon. There is a plus version that allows users to save the last 15 messages, 3 pictures or last video received. The premium version allows individuals to save as much as 100 GB! To make it easier to connect among all social media sites, people can sign up via their existing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. Everyone is excited for this revolutionary app to become available. It has been featured on CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, and PR Newswire. 

To ensure the finished product is well designed, accessible and secure, they have teamed with prominent mobile developers, Metova Inc. They are based out of Franklin, TN and helped create notable sites like Dropbox, Yelp, Siri, eHarmony, Barnes & Noble, and WebMD. Together, they are working on making Conx2share one of the best social media apps to ever exist.

The goal is to raise $10,000 by January 24th, 2015. Already they have reached more than half of that goal. All funds will be used to increase marketing to spread the word of this new form of digital communication and develop advanced features to make each users experience a positive one. Backers will receive rewards such as the premium app, limited edition T-shirts, hat, coffee mugs, and so many more prizes exclusively for supporters of the campaign. There is still a few days left to show support to bring this ingenious app to the world by making a contribution today!

Connect with Conx2share and share their campaign on Facebook and Twitter @Conx2share.

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