Galgos del Sol is a Spanish Rescue Tackling the Epidemic of Canine Abandonment

There is an enormous and little known dog crisis occurring in Spain yearly. More than 60,000 galgos—or Spanish greyhounds—are abandoned at the end of a short rabbit-hunting season. Considered unworthy as pets, galgos are bred specifically to hunt in packs and then discarded or killed. A recently established dog rescue and charity in southern Spain, Galgos del Sol, rescues and rehabilitates these starving and injured animals, for eventual forever homes in the US, UK and Europe.

Founded by Tina Wales Solera, Galgos del Sol has saved and homed more than 500 galgos, but Tina and her team urgently need to expand their operation. The Galgos del Sol dogs are currently housed in a makeshift, decrepit, former small farm that is not suitable or sustainable for the proper care of their dogs. They have already raised the funds to purchase the land, hired an architect to design the new center and brought in water and electric to build a proper facility. This new center will hold a minimum of 120 galgos and will include a reception area and exercise yard. 

In addition to kennels, there will be a designated room for educational programs intended to raise awareness among school children about the humane treatment of galgos and animals.  Additionally, there will be a volunteer program to involve the local community as well as foreign visitors to learn first-hand about this much maligned breed.

Galgos del Sol has already completed the first step of this important project, but there is so much more that needs to be accomplished.  This charity is asking the public to help support them financially so that they can complete construction of the building and kennels.  To raise the $100,000, Galgos del Sol has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Backers may receive perks like pet memorialization, Galgos del Sol wristbands, olive tree naming, bench naming, kennel naming, lobby naming, or shelter naming rights.

To learn more about Galgos del Sol or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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