Boston-Based Startup, 1Touch Labs is Expanding Offices to India and Opening a Free Job Placement and Education Platform

Boston, MA – January 21, 2019 – 1 Touch Labs, a fast-growing marketplace that connects social media influencers with e-commerce vendors, is happy to announce its expansion to India. The company is also announcing the opening of a free job placement and education platform to schools in India that will help put interns on their desired career paths and increase their success rate.

The company, which was founded in Boston, United States, has decided to start its expansion to India. This expansion will open a lot of business opportunities across the country, such as partnering with several development companies, as well as opening a free job placement school around the country.

“Interns are an essential part of our company, what they have given us is what has made us grow,” said Deller, Founder of 1Touch Labs.

1Touch Labs is interested in talents from India ranging from marketing, programming, graphic design, website development, and computer engineering. The successful interns will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best brains at 1Touch Labs in various areas. They will also learn how to start a company and the challenges most startups encounter and how to overcome them, helping the company’s brand through social media content creation, social media monetization, and presentation for investors.

The successful candidates for the internship program at 1Touch Labs will work alongside world-class professionals in the company who are experts in their various areas of specialization, such as marketing, public relations, and coding. Exposing the interns to such a high level of training will equip them with the right combination of knowledge and experience needed to excel in their various fields of endeavor. The internship program will also help the candidates build a network of entrepreneurs and business investors, while also providing them with insights into the company creation and development with the aim of motivating them into creating their own projects.

Interns receive hands-on consulting and support from an experienced team. “ITouch’s internship program gives interns the tools and resources necessary to grow their careers while providing them with the tools and support to do so,” said Deller.

“Because of our success with previous interns and seeing how they have grown personally and professionally with us, I believe that we can help others reach their targets while they reach ours,” he continued. “By providing loyal individuals with a pathway towards success in their careers and escalation within the company, we have seen tangible growth in the company,” Deller added.

With 1Touch Labs expansion to India and opening a free job placement and education platform, qualified candidates will be assisted with career development. 1Touch Labs will offer them real work experiences that will provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop professional skills and competencies.

About 1Touch

1Touch is a marketplace that allows social media influencers to connect with e-commerce vendors in order to advertise their products through social media. 1Touch creates a marketing and online e-commerce marketplace with no startup costs for either vendors or influencers, focusing on pay-per-sale marketing in which vendors only pay a commission to influencers for direct sales while providing influencers and vendors with data and analytics regarding their growth and sales.

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