Global Speech Generating Devices Market to Surpass USD 466 Million by 2028, finds Bekryl Market Analysts

“Bekryl Market Intelligence Report | Global Speech Generating Devices Market | 2019”
According to recently release market intelligence report by Bekryl, global speech generating devices is expected to register a CAGR of 9.6% between 2018 and 2028.

Global Speech Generating Devices Market Value is expected to exceed US$ 466 million by 2028. The industry will register 2.5X higher revenue in 2028 than that in 2018.

Speech generating devices are durable equipment that helps people with severe speech impairment the ability to meet functional speech requirement. Demand for such devices is steadily rising with various medical personnel recommending the equipment for usage among concerned patients. As per the estimates, nearly 39 million individuals have some kind of speech defect. This offers relatively larger addressable market for speech generating device players.

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Some key trends from the global Speech Generating Devices market:

Trend#1: North America to Dominate the Global Speech Generating Devices Market

North America is estimated to be valued over US$ 121 million in 2019. The region is characterized by presence of mainstream companies. Companies collaborate with Universities that are carrying out research activities to develop technologically advanced speech generating devices. Other macroeconomic factors including high healthcare spending and quality healthcare amenities has also created good market prospects for the companies. Government reimbursement policies has further driven the sales in the region.

Trend#2: Specialty Clinics will Continue to be the Preferred Choice for Speech Generating Devices Distribution

Sales of specialty clinics is primarily conducted through specialty clinics that accounted for 68% of global sales in 2018. This is followed by hospitals – second preferred choice for device sales.

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Some key global Speech Generating Devices Market Players are Prentke Romich Company, Toby Churchill Limited, DynaVox Systems, Inc., Zygo Industries, Words+, Inc., Lingraphica, Assistive Technology, Inc., Textspeak, and Zygo USA are few mainstream companies in speech generating devices market. Majority of companies are focusing on launching technologically advanced products in order to expand market presence worldwide. For instance, in 2017, Tobii Dynavox launched I-100 speech generating device. Another company – Lingraphica launched MiniTalk speech generating device for patients suffering from Aphasia and Apraxia speech in 2013.

Key Topics Covered in Speech Generating Devices Market Report:

(*The list is partial. Contact Bekryl representative/request report sample to access complete TOC).

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Value Chain Analysis

3.1.   Profit Analysis

3.2.   Key Players Across Value Chain

  1. Key Spending Analysis
  2. Market Growth Scenario

5.1.   Pessimistic

5.2.   Optimistic

5.3.   Realistic

  1. Speech Generating Devices Market Dynamics

6.1.   Drivers

6.2.   Restraints

6.3.   Opportunities

6.4.   Trends

6.5.   Porter’s Analysis

  1. Global Speech Generating Devices Market, By Device Type (US$ Mn), 2018-2028

7.1.   Text-to-Speech Devices

7.2.   Speech Synthesized Devices

7.3.   Picture Communicators

  1. Global Speech Generating Devices Market, By Interface (US$ Mn), 2018-2028

8.1.   Static Display

8.2.   Dynamic Display

  1. Global Speech Generating Devices Market, By Process (US$ Mn), 2018-2028

9.1.   Digitized Speeches

9.2.   Synthesized Speech Processing

  1. Global Speech Generating Devices Market, By Distribution Channel (US$ Mn), 2018-2028

10.1.                    Hospitals

10.2.                    Specialty Clinics

10.3.                    Direct Company Purchase

10.4.                    Online Sales Channel

  1. Speech Generating Devices Market, By Region (US$ Mn), 2018-2028

11.1.                    North America

11.2.                    Western Europe

11.3.                    Central & Eastern Europe (CEE)

11.4.                    Asia Pacific

11.5.                    Middle East

11.6.                    Latin America

11.7.                    Africa

  1. Speech Generating Devices Market Competition Landscape

12.1.                    Competition Dashboard

12.2.                    Distribution Channel Matrix

12.3.                    Company Profiles (Check above list of companies)

(The list is partial. Contact Bekryl representative to access detailed research scope)

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