New filmmaker Daisy Liu strives to promote cooperation between China and the United States

Daisy Fangyao Liu, graduate from New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Studies with a MA degree. As a young Chinese film producer who has lived in the Ubited States for many year, she produced several cultural related short and long movies – include The Only Sad Person on the Beach, Yi, and Underset etc. – received different international film awards. She also is the Co-founder and CEO of Vida Entertainment & Media, a New York based and Vancouver based Media company.

– How did you get involved in this production (who hired you, what works and works you saw, why they specifically went out for you, etc.)? 

When the director showed me for the first time, I liked the script. At first I just wanted to work together to make a movie. Later, the director decided to use our contracted artist Edc Zhao as the male number one, and hoped to play the script and characters according to his personal characteristics. Make some changes. At this time, we decided to go deeper cooperation, that is, I will become the co-producer of the film and participate in the whole process. Perhaps the director is more concerned with my partner as a brokerage film company, Vida E&M, to gain market control and ability to announce. 

– There is no episode summary on imdb. Please provide a complete and detailed summary. 

A short film from Coney Island tells about the disruption of communication at the intersection of personal history and great history. This story tells the close relationship between Coney Island and the close relationship between lovers due to age, experience and cultural differences between the two parties. Disagreements in the discussion of landscape history have led to differences in this relationship. As a semi-literary short film, we also left an open ending, hoping that the audience can complete from their own experiences. 

– What is the actual location? What is it (except for the stage size) to make you convinced that this is ideal? The protagonist or actress is so important to the movie, what kind of extra pressure does it bring to you? director? In these cases, how do you keep the director a positive attitude? 

This story is closely related to the history of Coney Island in New York City and the cultural conflict between East and West. Therefore, the entire filming was taken on the beaches of Coney Island.

Lead actor Edc Zhao is a contracted artist of our company, so controlling the actors is ok. Many parts of the film use the impromptu line and mirroring techniques of the actors. Give them a big frame for them to play. This is both an innovation and a challenge, because few people take this guidance and shooting method for newcomers, but we are very satisfied with the final result.

– Please describe your experience with the film director. 

Director Lily is one of the best steel directors I have ever seen. She didn’t see her temper no matter what happened during the shooting. In addition, she has good control over the shooting skills and the structure of the whole story and the rhythm of the narrative. Keep your own artistry, close to the market and the audience. 

– Please discuss your interaction with different cast members.

Edc Zhao was drafted from the company, to practice, training, and then officially unveiled in 2018, I am watching. He is a very energetic and talented newcomer. I am particularly pleased with this shooting. The shooting environment is by the sea. The spring breeze in New York is very hot and cold. Although the actress in the same group was late and left early on many shooting days, Edc was still very dedicated and on schedule, and there was no complaint about completing his work. 

I think this is the creative/artistic aspect of the producer’s personality. Many people think that the producer is a businessman in film production; although this may be true, in terms of reality and art, would you describe the role of the producer? What do you think your personality and mentality are so suitable for the role of the producer? 

First of all, I really like this script. I read a lot for the first time. It is between the relationship between the person and the scene, or between the two heroes in the movie (involving a third or even fourth). This relationship makes me think this will be a good job. I know Lily (film director and screenwriter) is an independent film producer. I always think that directors and screenwriters are at the heart of good work. The producer can be seen as the role of the “housekeeper” in the cast. Therefore, the film’s creation and filming process is mainly in accordance with the director’s artistic thinking. My company and I don’t give too much intervention, but in the end, we must let everyone “understand” and not be too far from the market. 

– What is the most memorable part of your participation in this work?

Working with my own artist, the first time I treated it as an artist and filmmaker at the same time, it felt very special. On the one hand, I am worried that my artist will be jealous of the crew. On the other hand, I hope that I can be more rigorous and work harder to show better results. Fortunately, I have been very public, that is, everyone is a purpo

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