Serenity Oaks Wellness Center Offers Prescription Drug Detox

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers detox programs for those with prescription drug addiction. The treatment facility aims to help patients identify and treat the habits and triggers that led to substance abuse. Serenity’s comprehensive residential treatment program provides psychotherapeutic and medical care not only for drug addiction but also for underlying mental health problems. This helps patients understand and address their internal issues to lower the possibility of a relapse in the future.

Drug detox is among the most gruelling experiences anyone will ever face. It will test a person’s emotional, psychological and physical levels. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, chills, acute paranoia and severe headaches. As such, drug detox should not be attempted without close medical supervision by experts. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center’s comprehensive five-week program is designed to help patients redefine and regain their lives. The program includes holistic modalities, medical protocols and clinical therapies. Recreational options and life skills are also integrated with the programs to improve the patient’s spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health.

The first week is spent educating patients about addiction. Week two is all about identifying and exploring issues and habit patterns that led them to a path of addiction. Those issues and habits will be replaced with healthier choices that maintain long-term sobriety. The third week at the facility provides time to learn healthy coping mechanisms that will prevent them from relapsing. Clients are required to report about their positive progress they’re making. Positive feedback is given to support new behaviours.  The fourth week adds family dynamics to the treatment program to help patients and their family work through the recovery process. They learn to work together to rebuild healthy relationships and trust with each other. Patients are prepared to transition from treatment to everyday life in the fifth week. They are paired up with new patients are mentors to help others get acclimated to the facility. They will also be able to join a more structured support program or support network depending on their preference and needs.

Serenity’s full continuum of care provides patients with the psychological therapies, medical treatment and support they need to address the underlying problems that resulted in their addiction and to help them live a sober and healthier life. The facility accepts people of all ages and creates a customized plan that is based on the traditional 12-step program and competently implemented and supervised by highly trained therapists. Serenity’s medical staff has been in this industry for years, so they know what is involved in treating addiction. They first assess the client’s profile to develop a protocol that can be used to address any issues that may require management during the patient’s stay at the facility.

Serenity offers luxurious accommodation on a 7.5-acre land in Fort Lauderdale, allowing patients to enjoy Florida’s landscape in a tranquil setting. There’s a large outdoor space where patients can relax and feel secure. Serenity also works with clients with a dual diagnosis, treating both the mental illness and the addiction at the same time to achieve the best results.

About Serenity Oaks Wellness Center

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center is a drug rehab facility that treats the first time and relapsed patients who want to achieve sobriety. They offer alcohol detox, drug detox, sub-acute detox, medical care, alternative treatments, individualized detox, medical protocols and first-time detox.  Serenity Oaks Wellness Center provides treatment for those suffering from prescription drug, meth/Adderall, heroin, alcohol, DXM/cough syrup, fentanyl, cocaine/crack, ecstasy/molly and oxycodone addiction. The facility’s high staff-to-patient ratio ensures that each patient is given the attention and care they need.

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