AdaptiFIT Swaddle Blankets Makes Swaddling Easy And Safe

AdaptiFIT easy swaddle is a unique hybrid swaddle device competing with swaddle blankets and the various swaddle sack products that are on the market. It is the safest baby blanket and most customizable easy swaddle in the world.

Swaddling is the ancient practice of snugly wrapping your baby in a thin blanket or sheet, to help him feel safe and secure. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ official guidance is to put babies to sleep on their back, which is known as the “Back to Sleep Campaign” and it has reduced SIDs by more than 50%. However, the difficulty is most babies do not sleep well on their backs due to the “Moro reflex.” In order to help them sleep, they often need to be swaddled.

Traditional swaddle blankets are by their nature adaptable and custom fit each time. However, most parents find this difficult and stressful because the child is always crying, falling around, and since nothing holds the blanket closed, they squirm out. Due to this, there are many dozens of Velcro swaddle devices available today, which are essentially sleeping bags with arm tie downs.

Sleep sacks are not ideal for several reasons. Some babies need their legs up and immobile, others need them down and loose, but sleep sacks only offer a down position. In addition, swaddle sacks have to be made in small, medium, and large sizes because a baby can be too small or too large for a given swaddle sack. Babies can also squirm free of their arms out of most swaddle sacks.

The AdaptiFIT easy swaddle solves these problems perfectly. This innovative product is a unique swaddle blanket that adjusts to any baby, hold themselves closed as you go, and never come unwrapped. With AdaptiFIT, there will be no more babies wiggling out, and no more swaddle anxiety.

The AdaptiFIT easy swaddle has so many great features: it is self-cohesive, the outer surface is soft fabric but is velcro receptive, the liner is smooth t-shirt material, and it comes with a strategically placed Velcro hook that allows the blanket to hold onto itself as a baby is wrapped up. The AdaptiFIT swaddle blanket offers a perfect fit every time. It is customizable for legs up, legs down, one arm out, two arms in, and two arms in. In addition, it protects the baby from hip dysplasia because it makes it easy to put the baby in hip safe positions.

AdaptiFIT swaddle blankets also keep your baby’s body entirely in one pouch allowing the baby to touch their own body and self-sooth, which can be impossible with most swaddle sacks and many swaddle blanket wrap patterns.

About AdaptiFIT

The AdaptiFIT easy swaddle was invented by Snugglebumpkinz, a company founded in 2016 by new parents who were tired of buying new swaddle blankets and devices to accommodate their rapidly growing new baby.

After a couple of trials with various swaddle blankets and swaddle devices, they came up with a hybrid solution; a truly adaptable easy swaddle that would grow with their baby and his changing needs. This is known today as AdaptiFIT.

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