Canadian Dental Clinic Puts a Spotlight on the Many Benefits All On 4 Dental Implants Have And Debunks Myths

Conventional dental implants might not be for everyone, particularly because they involve bone grafting which is not recommended for patients suffering from cardiovascular conditions, but All on 4 can open a new range of opportunities.

New Teeth In One Day Dental Clinics, one of the fastest growing private dental implants networks with practices throughout Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond-Hill, Mississauga and Guelph, says All On 4 Dental Implants are still one of the greatest innovations in dentistry in recent decades and the practice wants to make the benefits even more visible and debunk the myths surrounding the procedure. Some of the most common misconceptions surrounding dental implants include the fact that they take an extensive period of time to heal, they require special care, they do not have a natural appeal or are not worth the costs since they deteriorate. The clinic comes in to let patients know these claims are far from truth.  

A key spokesperson at the clinic said, “All-on-4 implants feel, look and function exactly like natural teeth if the procedure is performed at a specialized clinic such as ours. There are several benefits to this, namely the implants are comfortable and do not add pressure to gums, hence they are not painful and they prevent the deterioration of existing bone, they have the potential to improve biting and chewing by at least 70%, they require a normal hygiene routine similar to the one you would go about for your natural teeth and they do not need adhesive or require to be taken out. They can also be crafted to mimic natural teeth in color and shape. The success rate is at 98% and the procedure typically lasts about two and a half hours. It’s obviously a great solution for those who are missing teeth for one reason or another and want to regain a healthy, functioning and beautiful smile.”

The All-on-4 dental implants solution is a truly groundbreaking method of replacing either a full set of top or bottom teeth by leveraging four dental implants per arch and allowing for results to be visible in the very same day. With an aging population expected to escalate in the next couple of years and equally a spike in periodontal diseases, this solution is the most comprehensive and quick one.  

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With clinics all around the areas of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond-Hill, Mississauga and Guelph, New Teeth In One Day Dental Clinics are committed to positioning themselves as the go-to brand for dental implants. Every patient who crosses their doorstep is welcomed by a warm team of experts whose top mission is to make their experience as comfortable, reliable and convenient as possible. Their portfolio of services includes integrated tooth replacement solutions such as high-end All-on-four implants, as well as multiple and single implants.

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