EMS Training launches membership program for the New Year

Fitness Company offers customers chance to reach their goals in 2019

EMS Training has launched a membership program for 2019. The fitness company offers fitness-conscious customers three great programs to help them meet their weight loss and health goals. EMS Training’s membership programs cost as little as $35 per session and provide customers a unique experience a traditional gym does not.

EMS Training is a boutique studio that provides members with a personalized workout experienced. Each workout is overseen by an expert EMS trainer to help clients maximize their session. The fitness company’s methods enable clients to attain goals such as athletic performance improvement, weight maintenance, or improvement of overall fitness while building muscle mass and reducing fat.

Workouts are based on electromyostimulation (EMS) technology. Through the EMS technology system electrical impulses are delivered to the skin via electrodes. The pulses trigger muscle contractions which closely simulate the way muscles move during traditional exercise. The fitness boutique’s techniques enable a 20-minute workout to equal the rigorous training of a full 90-minute training session.

EMS Training’s techniques have been proven to help clients reach their goals. The fitness company’s personalized workouts give each member real results. Customers can experience a free training session before signing up to a membership. According to EMS Training, customers should experience one of its personalized sessions to ensure it is for them.

The Vaughn-based fitness studio offers three memberships:

  • 1 month – 2x a week, 20-minutes, 8 sessions in total
  • 3 month – 2x a week, 20-minutes, 26 sessions in total
  • 12 months – 2x a week, 20-minutes, 104 sessions in total

According to EMS Training, the EMS technology system is perfect for short-term goal seekers. Clients wanting to reach a specific goal in a timely fashion can with the fitness studio.

For more information on EMS Training, please visit their website.

About EMS Training

EMS Fitness is a boutique studio providing a personalized workout experience located in Vaughn. The fitness studio’s workouts are based on electromyostimulation (EMS) technology. Clients will complete sessions while wearing XBody devices that delivers electrical impulses to the skin via electrodes. This triggers muscle contractions that closely simulate the way muscles move during traditional exercise. EMS technology allows a client to receive the benefits of 90-minute workout in just 20-minutes.

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