enables users to trade items that they don’t want, for items that they need, want, or can use

Founded in July 2015 in Natchez, Mississippi, is an online trading platform based on the barter system.  The barter system enables users to trade goods and services of equal value, after mutual agreement. This trading platform brings together potential traders from a variety of backgrounds to meet, greet, and trade.  Users are able to trade goods from a wide range of categories such as Clothing, Accessories, Art pieces, Real Estate, Furniture, Coupons, Jewelry, Tools, Services and more. Bartering goods requires no money which means the users can simply exchange items and services of equal value without exchanging any cash.

At present, is a full-fledged trading marketplace operated out of Killeen, Texas.  It has evolved from a basic platform for trading everyday goods to a complete marketplace that provides an easy way for the users to get rid of the items that they don’t use anymore for something they need. It is now backed by a strong and professional team who have developed a user-friendly platform that allows the users to exchange goods and services with each other in just a few clicks.

The “Stuff People Want” section on the website assists the users in finding the items they are looking for. The users can also provide services in their free time in exchange for items of value.  Most of the items listed on the website are secondhand but in a working condition and look as good as new. The website is suitable for those who have a pile of useless items lying around their house and have no idea what to do with them. Even if the user has a Garage Sale, they might not be able to sell everything at the Garage Sale.  Well, now the user has the option of trading anything left over after the Garage Sale by posting it in the “Stuff People Have” section.

This is why provides a convenient platform that makes it easier for users to get rid of the items that are in good condition but they don’t use anymore for something actually useful to them. Whether it’s an electric iron, a branded footwear, CDs and DVD’s, Bags, Wallet, Home Décor or something else, they can trade it on

In short, enables the users to:

  • Advertise their Upcoming Garage Sale, Small Business, or Personal Item.
  • Post items that they no longer want.
  • Post items that they need, want or can use.

On users may post “Stuff They Want” with a Standard Membership which is FREE!  Users may also post “Stuff They Have” with a Monthly Membership which is $2 a month billed once a month or users may post “Stuff They Have” with an Annual Membership which is $1 a month billed once a year. Lastly, users may post their “Upcoming Garage Sale” with an Advertising Membership which is $3 every 30 days. 

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