3-page practical money manual app provides the users 3 practical ways to become an entrepreneur along with 300 business ideas as a bonus

3-page practical money manual is a mobile application for Android users that provides three-page manual on practical ways to become a real entrepreneur. This app is suitable for anyone who is tired of searching for ways to earn money and haven’t found anything feasible.

This manual is created by business expert and provides to-the-point information on earning money through practical methods. Moreover, it isn’t a 200-page e-book instead all the necessary information is covered within 3 pages so that the user doesn’t have to spend much time reading.

The app is practical and doesn’t require any sign-up option, referral options or in-app purchases. Once the user has paid to download the app, they will be able to access all the information at once. As a bonus, they will also receive a list of 300 business ideas which they can use to start a business. This app will help those who wish to become an entrepreneur but fall short of ideas and ways to get the money flow.

3-page money manual app is developed by M.M Digital Products who specialize in creating informational apps to improve lifestyle. As of now, they have created an app and eBooks in multiple categories including Health and beauty, Business letters, business ideas, learning English and Arabic among others.

The company is owned by Mansoor Muallim, who calls himself an “Entrepreneur by profession, techy by vocation”. He developed apps like 205 business ideas, 175 beauty tips for men and women, 160 bodybuilding tips, 55 Order Letter for Business Communication, Motivational Quotes, etc. Most of his apps are available on both Amazon Kindle and Google PlayStore.

His latest app 3-page practical money manual is suitable for individuals from any country and available in 26 languages.

The app can be purchased for a small price on Google Play store.

More information about the app is available here.

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