Rent a Local: the New Multi-Service Hiring App is here to Rescue

“Rent a Local is an app which has been created with great care for the people who are in an urgent need of hiring personnel, be it any service!”

Singapore – The app-based industry has witnessed the arrival of one of the best multi-service provider app, Rent a Local; and since it has stepped in, the world has been taken by the storm. Rent a Local has expanded to 300+ cities and over 26 countries worldwide. The company owes its expansion to its own dynamic growth.

The coming of the Rent a Local app has given people an easy way to gain access to all kinds of service including house-cleaning assistance, dog-walking assistance, chefs, car washing assistance, drivers, elderly care assistance, and so on. Whatever one direly needs at a moment, Rent a local is here to deliver a solution. It is surely the fastest way of hiring a professional’s assistance in the blink of an eye. Moreover, freelance professionals are all certified and authentically talented in what they do and are also sensitive to their client’s requirement of services.  

The company has strived to simplify the service industry and this is why they have come up with Rent a Local. They also share the live updates and tracking service for the people who have hired a professional from them. Every new customer also gets a 10% discount on their first booking; however, the services are offered at a very reasonable and affordable cost. 

The company’s hard work and dedication have earned them success and recognition worldwide, and the love and admiration given to them by their happy and satisfied customers have been put up on their website as a token of appreciation. One can check out their website to get to know them in details.


Rent a Local is a multi-service provider who has been taken under its wing a wide portion of the world, that is, over 26 countries which includes 300+ cities and is headquartered in Singapore. The company has been providing with expertise in the hiring of freelancer professionals and in turn, is aiding people who are in need of assistance. 

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