Crowdfunding Campaign for Community Sharing Website Starts on February 02, 2015

Stuff4Hire will bring the power of the sharing economy to a neighborhood near you.

Have you ever needed to use a tool or an appliance for a one-time project and wished that you could borrow it instead of having to buy it? Do you have a house full of things that you do not often use and would like to rent?

Stuff4Hire is a social networking platform that will bring borrowers and lenders together. Using Stuff4Hire, you will be able to browse for products in your area and negotiate rental terms with the lender. Members will also be able to post items on Stuff4Hire and earn money for rarely used household products. Stuff4Hire will allow members to participate in the sharing economy by encouraging them to reuse products that exist within their communities instead of buying new things. Not only will this platform help reduce an item’s cost of ownership but it will also help reduce our environmental impact. 

Let’s say, for example, someone wants to mount shelves but needs a drill—a tool she rarely requires and thus doesn’t own. Using Stuff4Hire, she would be able to search for a drill within her community and rent one. Another person may have some catering equipment sitting idle in his attic. Stuff4Hire would allow him to post them and attract people who are hosting an event. Stuff4Hire will provide people with access to goods that they might otherwise be costly or difficult to obtain.

Stuff4Hire will mediate rental transactions between lenders and borrowers by holding a deposit from the borrower at the time of rental. When the item is returned to the lender, then the borrower’s deposit will be returned minus a fee for the rental. Stuff4Hire will mitigate disputes between lenders and borrowers and will provide limited protection for items that are lost or damaged.

Since Stuff4Hire is a community, members will be encouraged to provide reviews about their rental experiences. Reviews will serve as warning to prospective lenders or borrows against bad citizens.

A fund raising campaign for Stuff4Hire will be hosted by on February 01,2015 with the goal of raising 15,000 USD. Individuals who are interested in making a pledge should go to and search for Stuff4Hire. People may also go to and click on the “Make a pledge” link.

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