“Drawing for the Future” Changing the Lives of Autistic Children

Providing Them a Healthy Way to Express Themselves

Seoul, Korea – Jan 15, 2015 – Rabito is collaborating with “Two Thirds”, an art organization for children around the world, to create “Drawing for the Future.” It is a unique collection of specially designed smartphone cases made with love from children with disabilities such as autism, hearing impairment, ADHD, and other mental and physical disabilities. They now have a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital to begin production of these incredible designed cases. 

Children with these disorders have a difficult time expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally and non-verbally. This lack of positive social interaction communication can make their disabilities worse. “Two Thirds” works with a number of children with impairments to empower them to overcome this by expressing themselves through drawings. Developing a great way they can interact with the rest of the world. 

Currently, there are 7 creative patterns that will transform any plain cellphone into an eye-catching accessory item. The designs cannot be found anywhere else. It is a hard case to protect devices from scratches and is designed with a camera lens cut out. The stylish designs will be put on matte cases. “Drawing for the Future” cases are available for cellphone models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6Plus, iPhone 5, Galaxy 5, and Galaxy Note 4. 

Proceeds made from future sales will be put back into children’s education. Rabito and “Two Thirds”, hopes to create a virtuous circle where everyone can benefit from the production of “Drawing for the Future.” These drawings give these children a purpose in life and recognition of their contribution to society. 

The campaign goal is to reach €10,000 by February 9, 2015. If the goal is not met, it can take years before these cellphone cases can be produced, which may put a holt to a child’s dreams coming true. All proceeds will go towards production and shipping cost. 

Let’s do it together for the children. Make a contribution today by clicking here.  

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