Radavie Riom Helps Entrepreneurs Break Barriers And Become More Successful

Radavie Riom offers help, support, and guidance in discovering and overcoming the self-limiting behaviors that often hold entrepreneurs back.

Radavie Riom of RadavieShamanWiseHealing (www.RadaviesShamanWiseHealing.com) offers clients help in discovering and overcoming difficulties that arise from childhood conditioning and experiences.

“My specialty is assisting my clients in discovering and releasing the childhood conditioning that secretly runs their lives. By applying my unique practices, I quickly get to and resolve the root causes of my clients’ psychological and emotional pain,” Riom says. “As a result, their spiritual, emotional and business well-being are accelerated.”

For entrepreneurs, Riom offers healing coaching services that allow them to break free from self-defeating and self-limiting cycles that have an impact on their business interests. Working with Riom, clients can expect to: realize how their personal and professional lives are influenced by childhood conditioning, replace doubt with certainty, discover and employ healthier new behaviors and thought patterns, no longer be held back by voices from the past, and experience new vitality in seeking or living out their purposes in life.

“My service identifies and removes the unseen conditioning that has been holding my clients back,” Riom says. “Until this programming is removed, it works under the surface to sabotage my clients’ emotional, spiritual, and business well-being – no matter how hard they work and no matter how much business and marketing coaching they undertake.”

Riom’s services are available to clients worldwide and she serves clients from all over the globe. Where traditional therapies leave off, Riom says, her methods can help individuals make that last step from learning how to function to experiencing true emotional health and healing.

“My deep personal reward is how much I allow the divine within me to be of service to others, resulting in clients who are better able to improve relationships at home and at work, navigate through life’s challenges, and overcome emotional setbacks,” Riom says.

Additionally, she says, she is able to help clients improve their decision-making skills, boost their confidence, rid themselves of long-lasting traumas and fears, and revitalize their purposes in life.

Maryland-based economist and Riom client George Williams says that Riom’s services changed his life.

“Radavie has a very special gift for helping her clients release the deepest levels of conditioning and blocks that are limiting them.  She was especially helpful to me in releasing childhood imprints that have conditioned the expression of my life in limiting ways.  Because of my work with Radavie, I have released blocks to a more loving heart,” Williams reported. “She is extremely skillful in tuning into her clients’ deepest needs. Her wisdom, compassion and skill help her to awaken those she works with to greater love and freedom in their lives.”

For Riom, her guaranteed services are based on her own experience as an entrepreneur and her faith in the shamanic arts. An entrepreneur, herself, Riom started Young’s Pharmacy, a Jamaican business that expanded into a full-service department store and is still in business after forty years.

“My shamanic practice is built on releasing clients from their childhood conditioning which changes their neural pathways.  My practice was shown to me during the years of healing my childhood traumas and becoming aware of my past abilities that were focused on psychological and emotional healing,” Riom says. “This is the reason that as an entrepreneur myself, it is deeply important to me to serve other heart-based entrepreneurs.”

For more information about Radavie Riom or Shaman Wise Healing, visit www.RadaviesShamanWiseHealing.com

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