Phillip Hodge A.K.A Thuggizzle Travels to a “New Level” With His New Music and Philanthropic Works

San Antonio, TX – January 22, 2019 – San Antonio rapper, Thuggizzle is known with a unique ability to compose spontaneous poetry. He prides himself on rhyming “off the dome,” something known as freestyling. He has done an abundance of philanthropy work out of his pure heart for people looking for either information or helps through his organization, “Thuggizzle Cares”. With his uncommon freestyle skills, Thuggizzle’s music contains infectious and superb lyrics and his rap style is very elaborate, delivering incredible awesomeness to the listener.

One cannot help but acknowledge Thuggizzle’s musical genius and swags when they combine on the spot to produce that clever and intricate rhymes that makes the heart merry. His lyrical trickery and catchy wordplay ooze out with significant meaning. Thuggizzle’s music describes what he went through and what he still experiences.

Thuggizzle Rap brand is unique for its lyrical style as well as vocal delivery. He is a freestyle purist with cool punchlines and rhymes. He is an artist who believes in inspiring listeners with his music and philanthropic work because of humble background. That’s why his soundtracks always get instant hits every time they’re released.

Thuggizzle has lots of loyal fan base across the country. One of his loyal fan that always gets inspired by his music said, “I became a fan of Thuggizzle when I heard one of his songs on Spotify for the first time. He is a freestyle purist that is truly talented and unique.  His philanthropic works inspire me as a person and I also like how he is dedicated to his craft.”

“My love for music comes from being able to have something to express my feeling. When you come from a hard background and a family that doesn’t really have much, it motivates you to grind harder with what you’re doing. When I look back, all I can see now is a success within myself, because I don’t have the same pain or any kind of fear. My goal is not just to make it for myself but to help other people out there,” said Phillip Hodge A.K.A Thuggizzle.

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