GlobalTeleHost Corp. Launches Bare Metal Server Rental Services

GlobalTeleHost Corp. has launched bare metal server rental services for clients who are looking for dedicated servers to boost performance, security, and reliability. Bare metal servers are ideal for businesses, especially those that want to achieve high speeds, improved performance, and impenetrable security.

In the past, individuals and businesses using the internet had an option of either choosing cloud or dedicated servers for their websites. Dedicated servers provide powerful performance and guaranteed security but with contract attachments. On the other hand, cloud servers allow users to enjoy flexible resources and pay-as-you-go billing. There was no way to get the features of dedicated servers and cloud servers in one service. But today there is, and the solution is bare metal server hosting.

A bare metal server is more like a dedicated server in that clients enjoy powerful speeds and excellent performance but without the obligation of entering into a contract. Unlike cloud servers where one has to worry about sharing resources with other users and suffering low performance, bare metal servers allow users to enjoy dedicated single-tenant resources. What’s more, bare metal server rental services are billed on a pay-as-you-use basis, and this offers the user more freedom in their consumption.

GTHost promises its clients a host of benefits in their bare metal server hosting package. By choosing the company’s servers, clients can enjoy the following:

  • High speeds and optimal performance
  • Best of cloud and dedicated servers
  • Improved price per workload
  • Unmetered bandwidth

Businesses that process a lot of data and whose latency changes with workload and traffic should consider investing in bare metal server hosting. Examples include e-commerce sites, gaming sites, and large databases.

But one may wonder: Why invest in an expensive option while there are cheaper solutions such as virtual servers?

While a bare metal server will cost more to set up, maintenance, and fees, it can be the difference between a business that retains customers and one that loses them. The bare metal server ensures that customers don’t suffer low speeds due to workload and traffic. When a site is loading at high speeds, the conversion rate is higher than that of a website that has low speeds. Additionally, one doesn’t have to worry about their site crashing due to overloads during the peak season.

GTHost offers flexible hosting plans with competitive pricing to suit different business needs. All one needs to do is contact the company and the experts will help in choosing the best dedicated server for the specific needs.

About GlobalTeleHost Corp.: Leading Hosting Service in Canada

GlobalTeleHost Corp. is a leading provider of dedicated hosting services in Canada. The company provides dedicated servers in Canada and the USA. GTHost has numerous data centers for dedicated servers in USA, and they are located in major cities such as Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. The company aims at helping businesses to optimize website performance and speed by providing bare metal servers and dedicated server solutions to suit different needs.

Unlike virtual servers, dedicated servers are single-tenant servers that are dedicated to one user. The user doesn’t have to worry about sharing resources with other users and suffering low speeds and reduced performance. Dedicated servers can help businesses maintain maximum speed and uptime, excellent performance, and reliability.

GTHost dedicated servers in USA and Canada are available at affordable prices. One can even pay a small fee of around $5 to test their chosen server for a day before committing to the long-term plan.

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