Did Warren E. Buffett encounter Waterloo?

Warren E. Buffett, the genius of the stock market, has encountered Waterloo when the stock price of Apple fell. His wealth suddenly dropped $3 billion overnight. In fact, is it true?

Is Buffett a hidden Virgo?

From the point of investment, the speculation is quite credible. According to the data of Wind, Snowball, and other sources, although it declined $3 billion in the market at the forth season, the compound rate of return that Apple brought to Buffett has reached 18%. Nearly 10 years, the compound rate of return soared to 31%.

The stocks held by Buffett, which is more surprising, have improper supervision or arbitration record, and there is no “clean” company that has case of compensation or changed record. Besides that, the institute that has been cooperating with him in 10 years is also a well-known global clearing institute like Wells Fargo at Wall street.

Being stable is the most important investment.

As a new navigator of global capital allocation, WFX sees fund safety as an irreplaceable “ballast stone”. Therefore, WFX, as a investment master, from three aspects of regulatory certification, clearing institution, investing strategy, guides for investors who trust in it,

From the view of regulatory certification, WFX, under Davinci Technology (DAVINCI TECHONOLOGY LILMITED), has been accepted by NFA authorization and supervision. And it cooperates to provide address and other information in details of the company in Hong Kong. During this period, WFX never deliberately sell or force customers to buy anything with any reason or methods, so it is “cleaner” than any other bank financing product.

From the point of clearing institute, WFX fund security is the highlight. In Hong Kong, which is seen as the center of finance in Asia, WFX can designate its fund channel through Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Wing Lung Bank. Davinci trade clearing connects to internationally well-known LMAX and Saxo Bank and other Forex clearing institutions. It protects fund security and personal privacy strictly for every customer.

From the aspect of investing strategy, WFX offers AI and selected analysis team to trade by following others or by yourself. And the order of either way can be searched in MetaQuotes MT5. Not only can it increased convenience of global capital allocation for customers, but also opened the door of “black science and technology” at the earliest time.

Let the wind blow and the waves beat, better far tan idly strolling in a courtyard. Buffett, the owner of “clean” companies, is still on the way to the wealth road stably. WFX, under its concept of investment, is starting a new channel for global capital allocation customers with the supervision of NFA, the cooperation of international banks, and the simultaneous trading practice of MT5 application.

WFX is the international foreign exchange trading service platform. It provides lazy investors with one-click following trade and professional safe trade service. It is supervised by LMAX UK to protect fund security and clearing service. It trades by LMAX Forex exchange, CMEGroup, Commodity exchanges, Saxo bank and other international platforms. It also accepted the supervision of NFA (National Figures Association) to protect the fund flow safety. The services of trading includes foreign exchange, precious metal, gold, silver, and crude oil.


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