Ambertime – The Center of the Next Education Storm

The Internet + wind has just blown over while the blockchain + wave has already surged in an unstoppable trend. The changes of the times always carry uncontrollable undercurrents in which the blockchain technology in infancy has quickly reached the world’s attention with the technical application features of non-tampering, non-expiration, decentralization as well as high transparency. Ambertime announced in early 2018 that the world’s first education + travel + blockchain platform was officially established, meaning that people’s education methods are about to change.

The AMT public chain provided by Ambertime enables any school to join in and become an authentication node on the public chain in order to permanently record student admissions, reports, learning processes and diplomas. On January 16, 2019, Ambertime founder Li Jian signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Forbes City College. The school fully uses the AMT blockchain so that students’ enrollment, registration, study, exams, teacher comments, and reward records, graduation scores and graduation thesis are all recorded on the AMT blockchain. The partnership expands the development of blockchain technology with the University of the Philippines graduates, and actively invites and encourages students from China to consider studying in the Philippines.

At present, the problems in the field of education are endless, such as academic qualification loss, academic qualification falsification, performance falsification, certification difficulties, paper plagiarism and so on. Particularly for academic qualification falsification, the low cost of falsification, the high cost of identification by employers and the low risk of falsification bring unfair treatment to competitors and cause losses to employers. The arrival of blockchain technology with the characteristic of non-tampering provides a powerful boost and convenience for the issuance and verification of degrees, ensuring the authenticity of the academic qualification. The second is the problem of academic qualification loss and student status query. At present, the number of overseas students has increased. Many returned students may lose their academic qualifications in the process of moving or promotion, but the cost of returning to overseas colleges for reissuing is too high and they cannot even be reissued. The same is true for the proof of student status, that is, the difficulty and cost in the process of inquiry, circulation and investigation are too high especially for students whose primary school, high school and university are not in one place because they often need to travel back and forth in several places. Blockchain technology can complete the study record, certificate record and completion record from kindergarten, engrave the entire process of learning in the blockchain with time nodes and preserve it forever.

It is reported that Ambertime is the world’s first underlying technology service platform that provides “one-click cochain”, and has been opened to schools, education and training institutions, rating agencies, qualification certification institutions, etc. at all levels around the world. At present, AMT has signed for cooperation with South Forbes City College in the Philippines and has reached a cooperation intention with a Japanese university. At the same time, it has completed preliminary communication with formal institutions in Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland and other countries, which is constructing an educational ecosystem with benign credit and promoting the implementation of the practical technology of blockchain + education.

Meanwhile, Ambertime is committed to building the world’s most interesting and valuable “Borderless University” based on the blockchain certification platform and the blockchain education sharing platform, which will inscribe each student’s beautiful time of study tour and study.

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