Hubi will launch a new layout and planning in 2019, with a deep dive into the field of digital cryptocurrency exchanges

The year 2018 is the 10th year of the birth of BTC, and the global digital currency market has ushered in explosive growth. According to Coinmarketcap, the number of digital currency categories reached 2,073 in 2018, with 738 new digital currencies added for the whole year, an increase of 155.3% compared with 2017. From 2016 to 2018, the number of digital currencies has been rising in a straight line.

Data source: Coinmarketcap

After the crazy year of 2017 and the adjustment year of 2018, the application of digital currency has been gradually implemented, including:

• More digital currency offline payment scenario (more companies and enterprises to support digital currency payment);

• Cross-border transactions, stable currencies, and the introduction of financial derivatives related to digital currencies (such as Bitcoin futures, and the Bitcoin ETF under discussion);

• More companies and enterprises begin to study the specific application of block chain technology…

Meanwhile, big capital and top venture capital firms are starting to enter the digital currency market. On the last day of 2018, Bakkt, the currency exchange created by the parent company of the New York stock exchange (ICE), announced that it had completed its first round of financing of $182.5 million. Bakkt’s portfolio includes several top venture capital firms, including tencent’s largest shareholder Naspers, li ka-shing’s horizons investments, Microsoft, Boston consulting group, and Alan Howard, a top hedge fund manager.

In 2019, at the beginning of the new year, Bakkt received $182 million in investment and Tencent’s largest shareholder entered the stock exchange. This shows that the top venture capital institutions are optimistic about the development prospects of the digital currency industry. They are laying out the digital currency market to promote the development of the digital currency industry. The market value of the digital currency will certainly usher in a new round of outbreaks.

Hubi is deeply involved in digital currency exchanges in 2018

Looking back on 2018, Hubi has been deeply involved in the digital currency exchange field and vigorously pushed the industry forward. Over the past year, Hubi has worked around the clock to speed up the global layout. In May 2018, the PC terminal of the global digital assets trading platform was officially put into operation, and was recognized by many top block chain organizations such as Lianan, BitForce, Token Insight, Megvii, etc. They reached strategic cooperation with each other and jointly built the exchange ecology.

In September 2018, the brand was upgraded, the internationalized domain name ( was officially launched, and Hubi announced the strategic positioning: “Global Digital Asset Exchange Alliance”. In November 2018, Hubi Global Alliance (HBGA), the world’s first “Everyone is a super node” exchange Alliance was launched. HBGA is the world’s first “Exchange Alliance 3.0” model, with low entry threshold and easy one-click opening of exchanges.

With the launch of Hubi Global Alliance, the Hubi Exchange Alliance has been gradually improved and is rapidly starting to expand globally. By the end of 2018, HBGA has covered more than 60 countries and regions in four continents in the world, forming the exchange alliance service ecosystem of “everyone is a super node”.

Hubi Opens New Layout and Planning in 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, Hubi will focus on exchanges, vigorously develop Hubi ecological system, recruit more HBGA super nodes, launch Hubi Business School, and provide more infrastructure for promoting the development of HBGA.

In 2019, HUB (Blockchain) ecological coin will be issued by HB Global Blockchain Foundation Limited (Singapore) in compliance, and will be used to perform the ecological rights and interests of the joint vote on coin listing, and the ecological dividend of HBGA alliance, linking the Hubi ecological system and enhancing the Hubi ecological value.

Not only will HUB eco-currency be issued soon, but Hubi public chain is also working hard to develop. With the introduction of Hubi public chain layer and Dapp layer, HUB will have more usage scenarios, such as trading with popular currencies, HUB public chain tokens, Hubi Dapp store certification developer margin, etc.

The year 2019 will be a crucial year for the development of the blockchain industry and the first year for the full implementation of blockchain applications and services to the real economy. As a bridge linking digital assets and investors, digital currency exchange plays a key role. Hubi hopes that more like-minded blockchain enterprises can join the Hubi ecological alliance to jointly promote and improve the Hubi ecological system. Hubi believes that in 2019, the global blockchain industry will make great progress, and we will also reap greater success. Hubi firmly believes that we are both practitioners and witnesses of the blockchain industry!

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