The 1-Hour Workweek Helps Network and Online Marketers

Millions of Americans will start 2019 looking for new ways to earn a viable income. Many of these individuals want to leave their current 9 to 5 jobs and enter a world in which they have more employment freedom. The 1-Hour Workweek offers individuals that freedom and the chance to be happier, healthier, wealthier, and stress-free when it comes to their jobs.

The 1-Hour Workweek offers network and online marketers the chance to earn unlimited cashback rebates without hassle. Users can earn 30 percent cashback on their personal referrals’ purchases. Users will then earn 5 percent cashback on the next 100,000 customers who follow them. The cashback gives The 1-Hour Workweek members the chance to earn far more consistently than working with other cashback websites.

Network and online marketers’ followers have access to thousands of high-quality retail products and they can all be accessed through a free membership. The 1-Hour Workweek continues to grow its list of wholesale partners. These partners pay The 1-Hour Workweek a commission which is then passed on to users in the form of cashback rebate rewards.

Users can create a free account and use a variety of free social invite tools to welcome customers to the The 1-Hour Workweek website. Users will have an affiliate link embedded in their social invite message allowing people to click on the link to go to the website.

Affiliate links are one of the key ways websites, podcasts, and other online entrepreneurs make money today. The 1-Hour Workweek is one of the unique ways online entrepreneurs can earn a great living without the stress of working a 9 to 5 job.

Founded by emergency room physician Tarence Wade, The 1-Hour Workweek aims to help people achieve the 4 Pillars of Success: happiness, good health, time-freedom, and financial freedom. Wade saw many of his patients suffering from illness and issues caused by financial hardships and unemployment. Having had experience in online marketing, Wade dedicated himself to finding a way to improve others’ lives. Since launching The 1-Hour Workweek, Wade has helped countless individuals earn money and fulfil their financial dreams.

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About The 1-Hour Workweek

The 1-Hour Workweek is a retail shopping site and money-making social network allowing users to earn significant referral bonuses followed by 5 percent cashback rebates on the next 100,000 customers who follow them. Users must simply purchase $25 in monthly retail products from The 1-Hour Workweek online store to qualify.

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