KLM Gel Moment™ Will Donate A Portion Of Their Profits To “60 Million Girls”

KLM Gel Moment gel nail polish distributors will contribute a portion of their profits to the public foundation “60 Million Girls” to help educate the 60 million girls and young women in developing countries who do not attend school.

Kyra Plebon and her two sisters Lara and Maya are committed to helping create a better world for girls. They have pledged to donate a portion of their profits from KLM Gel Moment™ to the public foundation, “60 Million Girls.”

Kyra Plebon comments, “During my secondary education, I had the privilege of traveling to Kenya with an organization called ‘Free the Children.’ The objective of our trip was to assist with the building of a school in the Maasai region. It was there where I began to appreciate how important it is to educate girls within a community. The girls of that region value education as the ultimate gift. They take education very seriously because they understand how it will affect their lives and the lives of people within their village. Upon my return to Montreal, I started a beading club (in honor of the Mamas of the village) at my high school to help raise money for this cause. I later learned about a Montreal based public foundation called ’60 Million Girls.’ They fund initiatives like ‘Free the Children’ and many others. Today, 110 million children do not attend primary school. Out of that number, 60 million are girls. This needs to change and my sisters and I want to be a part of that change.”

Wanda Bedard established the public foundation “60 Million Girls” in February of 2006 with a group of women volunteers who believe in the need to support education for girls in order to create a more just and balanced world. At present, 99% of the funds raised are funneled into these projects with only 1% used for administration costs. The foundation is run entirely by volunteers and to date has raised over $1.4 million dollars.

The Foundation’s objective is to support, on an annual basis, at least two major education projects ($100 000 and more) targeting the most vulnerable and marginalized girls in the most impoverished countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrollment. The project can take many forms: school construction, teacher training, providing supplies, fees or equipment, supporting activities which will increase girls’ access to school (water projects, daycare, adolescent classes), community support programs, etc.

The projects must not discriminate or restrict access based on religion, race, socio-economic factors or ability to pay. At least 50% of students enrolled must be female. The curriculum may not support a religious, racial or political point of view. The program must be child-friendly.

In 2014, the Foundation sponsored a project by Free The Children in Kenya called,Oleleshwa Girls Secondary School in Kenya”. Free The Children (FTC) has built over 90 classrooms, in a region that has the highest primary school dropout rate in Kenya, resulting in increased enrollment, increased rates of graduation and improved academic achievement. For example, over the past three years, the primary school graduation rate of girls has increased by 9%. These girls also demonstrate superior academic achievement. However, due to numerous obstacles such as domestic obligations, financial limitations, early marriage, childbirth and inadequate access to secondary school, young women in rural Kenya are unlikely to have the opportunity to attend secondary school. The Foundation also funds other similar projects as well.

Kyra adds, “I see every reason to continue my work towards a better world for girls by pledging a portion of our profits to this public foundation. It seems fitting that KLM Gel Moment™ nail polish beautifying women’s hands of the developed world can now help the hands of young women in developing countries. We are very fortunate to live in North America and often take many things for granted such as our education. If all nail mavens donated a small portion of the money they spend on nail polish to such a foundation, the world would be a better place.”

Women now have a safer, affordable, long lasting and convenient alternative to the harmful toxic nail polish products and can help women’s causes across the world.

For more information about KLM Gel Moment™ gel nail polish products, go to: http://KLM.GelMoment.com

For more information about the foundation, “60 Million Girls,” go to: http://www.60milliongirls.org

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