Provides an Innovative Platform where Businesses Accept Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money is an online global e-commerce crypto marketplace where merchants accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in addition to regular money such as USD.

CazShop is CazCoin’s first usecase for CAZ. CazCoin is a global peer to peer decentralized digital currency which uses Proof of Stake consensus rather than Bitcoin’s power heavy Proof of Work. It is a revolutionary digital currency driven by real world use cases. CazCoin is in the list of cryptocurrencies that have implemented the masternode system, which involves more commitment than the staking procedure, even though a masternode is essentially a form of staking.

CazCoin offers a wide range of solutions to the problems with cryptocurrency investments. With CazCoin, investors will continuously earn through staking and masternode rewards. CazCoin keeps your payments private and untraceable, and takes considerably lower commissions than most banks or credit cards – often even free.

CazCoin is used as the backbone of the CazProjects’ ecosystem with being the first CazProject released. More is sure to come from this upcoming innovative Cryptocurrency, now in early adopters stage. 

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The world of retail is experiencing an unprecedented wave of innovation. Technology, of course, plays a major role, but it is not the only force at work. New business models are appearing that will have a reflective influence across the e-commerce and wider retail value chain. At the same time, consumer behaviors and expectations are developing.

Recent reports have concluded that a huge percentage of survey participants who possessed some awareness of digital currencies were open to using them for daily transactions. With this said, it is still rather difficult for one to spend cryptocurrencies at whim as slow transaction times and high transaction fees sometimes stand in the way of executing a purchase.

Merchants who accept cryptocurrency payments will automatically have instant access to a risingset of customers who are searching for places to spend their tokens and the additional profits from this group could provide the funds needed to expand one’s product offering and regional footprint by launching new digital or physical stores.

Small businesses will easily be able grow their base and command additional market space by adding a cryptocurrency based payment system to their list of payment methods. Adding a crypto payment processing system also has the potential to connect the business brand with a new subset of customers as millenials have shown a particular desire for the principles underlying cryptocurrencies.

CazShop is the future of e-commerce. Both retailers and consumers can greatly benefit from CAZ transactions. CazShop can work to maximize profit for small businesses while also making the purchasing process easier and safer for customers. It is the very first cryptocurrency marketplace wallet payment services system.

The future of cryptocurrency lyes in online platforms designed to make trade easier for both buyers and sellers. Both retailers and consumers can take the best advantage from CAZ transactions because the charge levied on a transaction will reduce.

At times, it becomes infuriating when a message flashes while buying your much loved product online saying that some problem with the platform or the bank has occurred and hence the transaction could not be completed. With CazShop, transaction speed will increase due to the elimination of intermediaries and the distributed nature. There won’t be only one server but more hence the load will be reduced, and processing will be much faster.

One of the major concerns of online payments that consumers have is the fear of fraud which results in money theft and losses. But with CAZand its additional second layer of security through a masternode network that facilitate instant transactions, such frauds can be prevented. There is an option also from this masternode network to select the option to send private transactions. CAZ payments are irreversible and safe, because all the transactions that happen get recorded on the blockchain ledger while the funds get locked in a public key encrypted system.

When you make online e-commerce transactions, youbarely get any rewards or the ones that are provided by the e-commerce platform are off the mark because they ask you to shop more for a precisehuge amount; burning a hole in the pocket. In contrast to this, CazShop is providing reward programs. CazShop offers consumers great discounts for using CAZ as a payment option over other cryptocurrencies.

A unique feature called CazPay is also available within which allows you to insert any URL to a product for sale online and the user can purchase it using cryptocurrency. There is a fee to use this feature but the idea of being able to purchase anything online using cryptocurrency is now a reality:

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