NPD Releases Study Comparing Apps on iOS and Android Devices

The National Press Distributors looked at the percentage of people who have smartphones.  In a global study of mobile app development and overall app usage, the NPD discovered that there are three main mobile operating systems in circulation right now. They include iOS, Android, and OS.

NPD focused on iOS and Android for the sake of the study because they are the most popular of the three. Windows’ OS phone is the newest of the three on the market. It is less involved in the app comparison study and therefore was not considered for commentary by the NPD in their final report. NPD studied iOS vs Android development.

The iOS system is owned by Apple Inc. It fuels all iPhones, iPads, and iTouches, along with all other Apple products. Apple’s iOS operating system is on brand and unique with its aesthetics.

Google’s Android phones run on a mobile operating system with a style of its own. Androids started gaining popularity after Apple had already made its mark very early on in the technology realm of things.

Conversation about iOS versus Android has been circulating for years now. People want to know which company to support. Should they be Team Apple or join the side of Android? Everyone has their preference.

Once loyalty is formed, it can be really hard to convince someone to try the competition’s product because they are already attached to the brand. For that reason, NPD concludes in their study that first impressions of mobile app developers are important.

People often wonder which operating system provides a longer battery life. That is a huge determining factor in whether or not someone will purchase a particular phone. Other details like screen resolution, quality of the internal dynamics of a phone, life cycle of the physical product are also taken into consideration.

The National Press Distributors found that potential customers care a lot about productivity. When it comes to a phone, they want one that will improve their outreach abilities and social media interactions, but not to an extent where the phone becomes a serious distraction.

In order to answer the question of whether android or iphone users are more productive, NPD looked at the app called Flipd, which launched in 2015. It was first available on Android phones and became downloadable on iOS devices about a year after that launch. Flipd is an app that puts a pause on the functionality of your phone so that you cannot waste time going through messages and social media when you should be focused on an offline task.

People tend to know which apps they want on their phones. If a certain operating system doesn’t allow an app to run on its devices, it might deter people who really want that app from buying the device. The overall development process of mobile operating systems is incredibly vital. It can be the best idea or the worst dealbreaker.

The process of development is incredibly complex but the outcome is important because feedback matters the most. When mobile app development companies create apps, they consider which operating systems they want their apps to run on, and it tends to be a toss-up between iOS and Android.

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