NPD Reveals Ways to Make a Successful App in Most Recent Study

App development is not an easy endeavor to take on or a simple goal to accomplish. Creating an app is a multi-step process that involves creativity, knowledge of technology, trials, adjustments, and execution. From drafting an idea and trying out different concepts, to testing apps and making changes, app development is a lengthy process.

The National Press Distributors recently looked at how mobile apps are developed. NPD studied the process but they didn’t stop at the basic steps. NPD found that people talk about how to make an app, but no one discusses how to make a successful app. National Press Distributors took on the task of figuring out how successful apps are made.

First, NPD looked at the growing rate of apps and figured out common themes between the most popular apps in circulation right now. Currently, the apps with the most downloads on phones with iOS and/or Android operating systems are related to social media and convenience. NPD looked at numerous listings and comparisons to determine which apps were superior to the rest.

The best apps on Android phones were very similar to those on Apple smartphones. Meditation apps like Headspace, social media platforms like Instagram, and photo-sharing apps like Snapchat are on many lists praising the best apps around. There must be something in common among popular smartphone applications, but what could the secret be?

National Press Distributors found a strong relationship between free apps and more downloads. When an app is not free to download, many people view this as a deterrent and opt out of buying the app.

NPD won’t reveal everything, but they did discover that people feel that they should literally be free to share their content rather than forced to pay a “premium” of sorts, just to say they have an app on their phone. Though some businesses see it as a moneymaker to charge for downloads, the general consensus from the public is that this is a way of securing less downloads.

When designing an app, one thing you must keep in mind in order to be successful is that the audience matters. Their opinion might not be in line with a company’s values, but when creating something meant for the public, their preferences must be taken into consideration.

Mobile smartphone apps that had in-app purchases also had higher download rates than those that cost money upfront, simply for the download. Offering free downloads for an app is one of the many ways successful apps become popular.

There are two types of people: those who are savvy enough to design their own mobile apps, and those who hire a mobile app developer to do the work for them. They say that if someone wants something done well, they might as well do it themselves. But, when it comes to designing a successful app, it might be best to leave it to a professional.

Mobile app developers are responsible for the success of an app. They cater to usability, design, sleekness, loading speed, and everything along those lines. Developers are especially helpful when they take charge of the entire development process. That way, the people wanting the app for whatever reason can focus on other parts of the process, like marketing and advertising the launch of their app.

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