New Book Available Helping People Become reality Stars

Imagine watching a reality TV show and wishing instead you could be a part of it? Well, thanks to a new book becoming the next reality star is not a million miles away. The author is a key expert on how to become a reality star and ace the interview stages is passing all his knowledge onto the reader to make dreams come true.

This new book which is available to purchase from Amazon ( can and will change lives. Each year millions of people dream of appearing on a reality show but only a fraction of them are brave enough to apply. Sadly, only a fraction of them pass the interview stage to achieve their dream. However, that is about to change thanks to the new book.

Most casting agents and producers now use Skype to hold their interviews, and this interview is a do and die stage when it comes to appearing on a reality show. It’s important to have the knowledge and experience to pass this stage in order to be a success and that is where this new book comes in. The author with many years of experience is passing on his knowledge to help people overcome the pitfalls of video interviews. This book will help with their Skype interview and now even more people can be a successful.

When asked why this book is so important for those people who want to appear on reality TV, the author replied: “The Interview stage can be very tricky with lots of pitfalls. Those people who would be great on reality TV fail through lack of understanding of the interview process. With my experience I can help them overcome those problems.”

In the book it covers many topics which include:

• Casting opportunities

• Preparation

• Understanding the interviewer

• Doing some homework

• How to communicate properly

By purchasing this book and reading it, those who want to become a reality star and appear on their favourite show, now have a chance. To learn more about the book and to see how it is really changing lives, please visit

About The Book

The book is available to purchase from Amazon.

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