How Terrible Is Postpartum Depression? German LIECTROUX Intelligent Accompanying Robot Brings Care To Novice Mothers

Recently, an article about the mother of postpartum depression “I want to kill two children and commit suicide” was spread madly online. This article has attracted wide attention. In the past two months, two mothers jumped off the building in a week. Even more, some mothers hold their children and take them to death together. There are many reasons for postpartum depression. In addition to the effects of postpartum hormone secretion, it is more because women are immediately converted to the role of “mother” after production and need to stay 24 hours on call and almost spend all time and energy on caring for the babies. There is basically no life of their own and their lives are all around children and families.

For neonatal care, more and more novice fathers do not know how to help postpartum mothers to share the pressure of parenting. German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute is about to usher a new member – German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot. German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot is suitable for babies from 1 to 3 years old. It possesses various functions such as neonatal care and baby enlightenment teaching. It is a good helper for daddies and mummies to raise their babies.

How Terrible Is Postpartum Depression? German LIECTROUX Intelligent Accompanying Robot Brings Care To Novice Mothers 

The functions of German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying mainly include the following aspects:

1. Intelligent parenting consultant

Novice parents often lack parenting experience. German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot is able to solve various childcare problems such as how to properly change diapers for babies or how to deal with baby crying, etc. Its brain is like a sophisticated computer with a huge inventory of knowledge to quickly find the information it needs. Just call it and describe the problems in detail, it will automatically search immediately and then quickly give the answer. For some complex questions, it will also give video explanations or action demonstrations, which is a good helper for novice parents.

2. All-around care

1-3 year old babies are prone to accidents such as suffocation while sleeping or accidentally rolling off the bed, etc,. And it is difficult for parents to keep an eye on the babies and protect the babies all the time. At this time, German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot came in handy. It possesses a 720-degree wide-angle camera for shooting without dead angles. The video quality is clear and smooth so that the daddies and mummies can check the baby’s situation at any time. More importantly, it has a keen eye for observation and is able to work for 24 hours without stopping. Once the babies are found to be in danger, it will immediately protect the babies or call the daddies and mummies immediately.

2. Babies’ smart playmate

For 1-3 year old babies, companionship and enlightenment education during their growth process is crucial. German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot can be called fun companion and “Enlightenment Teacher” of the babies. It can teach the babies to crawl and walk, accompany the babies to learn the language. It can become the best playmate of the babies when the daddies and mummies are not accompanying them. Good environment and interactive way make your babies grow healthier and happier.

4. Psychological care for family members

German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot is also the “professional psychologist” for families. The intelligent design gives it the ability of human emotion recognition and the communication ability. It is able to “speak and observe”. It is good at identifying and analyzing human emotions and actively care about the psychological condition of family member and pay close attention to the babies’ emotional changes and feedback to the novice parents. Moreover, it will actively communicate with the novice parents to promptly resolve their negative emotions and greatly avoid the emergence of depression for novice parents, especially novice mothers.

German LIECTROUX intelligent accompanying robot are popular all over the world. The highly intelligent design, exquisite appearance and excellent quality make it popular among many families, which thanks to its research and development organization – German LIECTROUX Robotics Institute has always been adhering to the German military quality. It is particularly worth mentioning that the robot vacuum cleaner developed by it is the most popular product among the many products it develops. (You can view the website: or

The laser radar which is capable of 360-degree scanning, coupled with the SLAM intelligent algorithm enables the robot vacuum cleaner to cope with various home terrain environments; its 500ml large-capacity water tank is able to continuously supply water for up to 90 minutes and is able to perform uniform wet mopping; The digital inverter brushless motor that is made with high-precision pure lead possesses a 3000Pa super suction, which can easily deal with all kinds of hair and dust. In addition to these advantages, German LIECTROUX robot vacuum cleaner also has many other shining points and it has become the most trustworthy “cleaning expert” in the minds of consumers and it is a good helper for countless families.

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