UGOCABRET Represents a Woman’s Free Intellectuality and Elegance

Start a woman’s freedom for the first time

In the long history of Europe, the spirit of freedom has emerged since the Renaissance in the 14th century. Until the 19th century, European women continued to consolidate their subordinate status in the long-term education of gender roles between males and females, which remains a tremendous misery. From the 19th century onwards, the self-awareness of women was awakened. They started to long for freedom and emotional attention, and their female consciousness began to increase. In Germany, the heart of central Europe, the rise of this freedom spirit has become particularly strong. Reason, fairness, equal opportunity and choice were the main demands back then. UGO CABRET always believes that women are the most confident and beautiful when they have their pursuits of independence and freedom.

A modern woman’s pursuit of independence

The progress and development of society has made modern women become aware of their freedom and independence in a clearer way. They are now eager to redefine themselves and maintain their independence, without relying on others to survive. Generally, they have good educational backgrounds, more meaningful tastes and stronger social competitive advantages. Meanwhile, they focus on quality and experience in everything, and pursue a taste with personal attributes, delivering unique elegance and intellectuality. The high-class temperament of this elegance and intellectuality is unique to modern women, which attracts people’s admiration without a trace of disrespect.

As a fashion brand, UGO CABRET has been trying to remove “should”, and not define women with conventional concepts, but to respect each woman’s independence in style, presenting UGO CABRET’s respect for the own tastes of modern women with personal customization.

Fashionable and personal style

Modern women are the brightest views among concrete buildings in cities. Between fashion and independent personality, excellent ones can always find the balance between these. Although it is full of eye-catching fashion, it differs from the rigid imitation of complicated fashion elements. It aims to find one’s own style in a smart way, and show a women’s side of being trendy and unique. These are both stylish and unique, and filled with confidence and freedom.

Matching modern independent women with a sense of simplicity and coupling this with some special traits of a woman’s independence makes it more high-class. It is made of rare materials and created using techniques that are as delicate as crafting artwork, and it is never bothered by its excessive design, merely displaying its own unique and elegant sense of high quality with the original textures and colors of rare materials, which has the same attitude as its wearer.

A sense of high quality comes from distinctiveness

The philosophy of life has become advanced enough that it has never been a follower of rules. It requires some rebellious spirits, needs a heart that loves freedom, and is loyal to oneself. A modern woman’s freedom is reflected in the pursuit of a high-class life. A high-end fashion with a rich inside and the pursuit of a unique outside, combined with overwhelming confidence. From dressing style to accessories selection, from diet to inner spirit, all these are manifestations of this spiritual awakening.

It is the insight of UGO CABRET glasses on the spirit of women’s freedom that makes UGO CABRET always represent “self and freedom” in the hearts of emerging women since the 19th century, in addition to its high-class simple style and unique customization, filling UGO CABRET with high-level reason and a feminist freedom core. In this high-end fashion concept, when there is lack of a true spiritual core of freedom, what designers create is only beautiful drawings. Sunglasses should be loved by people not only through its appearance, but also through the glowing light of a woman’s freedom and independent spirit once they are on their eyes.

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