Reasons Ali Adel Moved Away from “Bab Al Hara”

Under the insistence of his audience and the many questions he asks about the reasons for his departure from the performance of the character “Al-Akid Moataz” in the last two parts of the series “Bab Al Hara”, especially since he did not come out with any statement or interview to clarify the reasons, Syrian actor Ali Adel expressed his silence, and revealed the reasons for his departure from “I appreciate your love and follow-up to the character of Mo’taz, and in fact this character has gone through stages, where the character of “Qabadi” parts I and II, and then began to expand Personal presence, where this character is eligible to grow and expand its presence.”

Ali pointed out that it is not with the policy of the parts in the drama, but it is different for the series “Bab Al Hara”, as there are many reasons for this.

Wael revealed that after the end of the second part of the series, he received a letter from a great Palestinian woman of the age, in which she said: God lives me to see Moataz in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and tenth. Ali said: “This is exactly how I received the letter literally, and I felt a great responsibility and completed my work in Door warm.”

Ali explained that the work in the fourth part was exposed to bumps, where there was a dispute between him and the production company, where the subject was contained, Ali added: “I am from people who do not like the problems and do not underestimate the subject.”

Ali continued: “In the last part for me, that is, before the withdrawal, there was a problem text, as the text was going through the stages of real crises, and in fact these crises occur in parts in general, but what happened in Bab Al Hara, that the text and characters, Quickly and through more than a writer, which called me to make a double effort to present the character of the same level as previously presented.”

Ali explained that when he reached the seventh part there was a dispute between him and the director, and said: “I had an objection to marriage Mu’taz of a Jewish girl and the text was written, so I tried to be as far as possible in this direction, but in my opinion that it was entered and not an exceptional event, There was no need to intrude on the Jewish hotline, and I was basically dismissive of the idea of a married woman marrying another woman, especially since he was very “charitable”.

Wael pointed out that it was not only the dispute over the text, but there was a physical dispute with the production company.

Ali said he was happy with the love of the people, but was surprised by the many questions about his return to work and said: “Currently there is another representative who performs the personality wish him success.”

Ali explained that he chose the name of his son Jude in the series, as is the name of his son in fact, even when he grows up sees that his name is in one of the most important dramas Arabic.

It is noteworthy that Ali is attending this year’s championship “Hua Yellow”, accompanied by star Wael Sharaf, Sulaf Fawakherji and star Youssef Khal. He is also following the filming of his scenes in the series “Smell the Soul” by Suhair Sarmini.

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