Charles Choi of Kingacademic helping to answer the question, Is Forex trading investment or gambling?

“It is not uncommon to hearing the public saying that Forex trading is gambling, and you will lose money in it. They said that because they probably lost money all the time. It is always not easy to control the winning in Forex trading, especially when traders are lacking of strategic skills and emotional control.” Charles Choi – King Lecturer of the Kingacademic.

Emotion always drives traders away from winning in Forex trading. Traders give up so easily when the market is heading to the opposite side. Even when both the trading and the market go to the same side, traders always close the trade and take earning at the very beginning. Early withdrawal may take traders twice or more times to obtain the same portion of winning comparing with professional investors. This reflects the importance of training in Forex trading.

Undoubtedly, Forex trading is an investment instead of gambling. There is no statistical and historical data to follow in the world of gambling. The next movement is unpredictable. However, Forex is similar to the stock market with various objective characteristics, including graphic patterns, candle patterns, historical pricing references, and movements reflecting the financial technical analysis. These objective data give hints to traders for market movement prediction.

If you dig into the fundamental analysis further, the investment is probably a long-term holding. The precision of candle patterns is much enhanced when one candle is reflecting a longer time frame. This enhances the efficacy of technical analysis.

To reinforce, Forex is nothing gambling. With comprehensive training in Forex trading, combining emotional control with strategic skills, Forex is an investment that prediction gives guidance to investors’ winning.

About Charles Choi – Kingacademic

Charles Choi is the king lecturer of Kingacademic which provides all-rounded education services in area of investment, Forex training, digital marketing, Amazon selling and entrepreneurship. Charles Choi is an expertise in digital marketing in Hong Kong. He worked in a large company for many years and brought 9 figures of sales to that company. Due to his expertise in digital marketing, Charles Choi merged the element of digital into Forex trading. He brought Forex trading into a new era by integrating various digital tools into traditional manual trading. The powerful combination enhances precision in Forex trading.

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