Charles Choi on The Future of Manual Forex Trading

“The future of Manual Forex Trading is inevitably linked to the integration of digital tools into manual trading. The algo-trade or the EA (Expert Adviser) may take a portion in the development of the future Forex trading, however they are not discussed here. The sector being focused on is the traditional manual trading which totally relies on human decision.” Charles Choi – King Lecturer of the Kingacademic.

The decision on Forex trading would be much evidence-based and could reach a higher level of accuracy when it is made with the integration of various digital tools. For instance, there is an indicator detecting the buy-sell power, giving traders hints on whether the trend is going to continue or to stop. The buy-sell power allows traders to trade with the support of concrete and subjective data. Of course, the use of many other strategic skills is needed to give a clearer picture on market movement.

Traditionally, many traders would use handwriting or mouse-clicking to draw the trend line and the support-resistance line to determine the market movement.  However, the world is changing. Digital science had already been engaged into our daily lives in the past decades. It is going to take up a better role in Forex trading in the coming future. To explain, trend line and support-resistance line are being displayed precisely and automatically in all the graphs including units with hours, days, weeks and months. Imaging you were the Ironman in the Marvel’s movie, when the Iron suit is ready, it is the time for you to beat down the rivals. Back to the Forex market, when the digital tools are ready on your hands, it is the time for you to gain winnings in your investment.

In gratitude for digitalism and technology advancement, it speeds up the learning process for junior traders to gain success in Forex investment. While it still takes time for the algo-trade and the EA to become mature in Forex trading, manual Forex trading with the aid of digital tools contribute to the better result and the more optimistic earnings in Forex trading, making it the leading future.

About Charles Choi – Kingacademic

Charles Choi is the king lecturer of Kingacademic which provides all-rounded education services in area of investment, Forex training, digital marketing, Amazon selling and entrepreneurship. Charles Choi is an expertise in digital marketing in Hong Kong. He worked in a large company for many years and brought 9 figures of sales to that company. Due to his expertise in digital marketing, Charles Choi merged the element of digital into Forex trading. He brought Forex trading into a new era by integrating various digital tools into traditional manual trading. The powerful combination enhances precision in Forex trading.

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