Georgetown Clinic Integrated Injury Center Helps Patients Recover from Car Injuries and Whiplash

Georgetown Clinic Integrated Injury Center, one of the leading chiropractic clinics in the area, has been helping patients for many years recover from car injuries and whiplash. The clinic has been in the business for many years and continued to provide the best service to everyone.

While emotional and physical wellbeing must be the main priority after an accident, dealing with mechanics as well as insurance firms can cause to desert or overlook the need for care. Even slight car accidents can cause a person to experience the pain of whiplash. Georgetown Clinic specializes in the handling of whiplash and soft tissue injuries which are related to car accidents or mishaps. Through comprehensive chiropractic services, Georgetown Clinic helps patients pull through from their car injuries and enhance their overall wellness.

The neck is a sensitive part of the body. It’s comprised of many nerves and small vertebrae which function to support the weight of the head. Even if it is flexible, it’s also extremely susceptible to injury. Once stop short in a car accident, it can cause the head to whip back, constricting the muscles, potentially injuring the joints, soft tissues, nerve roots, discs as well as ligaments.

In most cases, pain might not be evident immediately following a mishap. Soft tissue injuries can develop many days or even weeks after a catastrophe.

Chiropractic care addresses these issues by focusing on spine alignment.  Through natural adjustments, Georgetown Clinic employs professional chiropractics skilled in treating injuries without surgery or using drugs.  Chiropractic services are the best treatment option for people searching for a way to safely and naturally address car injuries like whiplash.

Drugs can numb pain due to whiplash; however, it’s not a long term treatment method. We recommend diagnostic examination after an auto accident to know the precise location of the musculoskeletal misalignment which is causing whiplash injury pain. If this location is determined, we can develop a chiropractic plan to ease pain and injury rehab.”

Our auto accident chiropractor has been treating patients suffering injury due to a car accident for many years now, focusing mainly on offering non-invasive, as well as drug-free pain relief.

Chiropractic care combines pain help with rehabilitation and healing.  Through mild spinal adjustment methods as well as adjunctive therapies, Georgetown Clinic Integrated Injury center can help treat whiplash injuries in a natural way.  People who reside in the Georgetown area and are currently experiencing from whiplash or a current car accident injury, please feel free to visit Georgetown Clinic to know more about how chiropractic care can help in finding total relief.

To know more about car accident injury and whiplash chiropractic care in Georgetown, please don’t hesitate to visit or contact 404-255-0666 to schedule an appointment at Georgetown Clinic. Customer service is always available to help.

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