Father and his 8-year-old daughter develop a mobile game to create awareness about the impact of plastic waste on marine life

Plastic Bites is the name of a new mobile application developed by a father, who took inspiration from his 8-year-old daughter’s love and concern for sea turtles. The game is not only aimed to create awareness about increasing plastic waste in the oceans that harm the marine life but also donates 10% of the profits made through advertisements and in-app purchases to organizations working for marine conservation. Apart from the positive impact, the game is also fun to play.

When the creator’s daughter discovered how sea turtles mistake floating plastic for jellyfish, she really felt disappointed and wished to do something about it. This inspired her father to create the game Plastic Bites that features a sea turtle, named Olly, who is really angry because his friend, Polly, got sick from eating some plastic in the ocean. Olly discovers that he has the power to destroy plastic with bolts of lightning. He also gets charged up by eating jellyfish so he tries to eat as much of them as possible. It is a fast-paced, and challenging game that keeps the users on the edge of their seat.

The early testers have provided great feedback and acknowledged the role of the game in educating people about the impact of plastic waste on sea turtles and marine life as a whole. By downloading and sharing the game, anyone can contribute a little towards saving marine life. In addition, endless gameplay keeps the user entertained for a long time. The player can also challenge their friends to see who gets the highest score by zapping the most plastic in the ocean. The game requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Plastic Bites can be downloaded for free from Apple App Store

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