Cynthia Phillips talks about survival in the times of hardship in new book

Talented author and grandmother, Cynthia Phillips, launches her new book titled “GOD’S AMAZING HANDS” on Amazon where she talks about how the guiding hands of the angel help people that are struggling

GOD’S AMAZING HANDS is one of the very few books that talks about faith and belief from a very practical angle, allowing every reader regardless of the faith, age, or belief to understand the concept of the divine and Almighty being that controls the affairs of everyone on planet Earth.

Life is filled with ups and downs and while most people tend to attribute their ability to overcome their challenges to their survival instinct and intelligence, it is worth noting that surviving any situation is largely due to the assistance and favor of God. Unfortunately, most people seem to have forgotten this fact, which can be due to the lack of enough information about the Supreme Being that coordinates the affairs of humans. This is where Cynthia Phillips is looking to change the narrative by authoring the self-explanatory and easy to understand titled “GOD’S AMAZING HANDS.”

Currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe, the book is an amazing combination of life happenings and how God has been able to influence the happenings with his amazing hands. The book also talks about the common occurrences that most people see as little things and how such events remain inexplicable to humans. These only buttresses the fact that there is a being that controls probably everything happens in the universe and no event can take place without his knowledge.

In the book, Cynthia also mentions some of the big events that can be rightly described as being out of this world, in a bid to further reiterate the existence of God and most importantly, His influence on happenings – God’s Amazing Hands.

The book’s use of an easy to understand language and practicable illustrations and real life events that can be easily related with by buyers further distinguishes it from other texts that contain rather abstract content.

The 52-pager has already started to receive accolades from different readers across the globe and has been regarded as a good read.

The paperback version of GOD’S AMAZING HANDS is currently available on Amazon for below $16, making it a great asset for all.

About Cynthia Phillips

Cynthia Phillips is a grandmother and author. She currently lives in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a small town north of Tulsa. She is an active member of her church and enjoys helping others. She has been volunteering at the Family Life Center and Carter Hospice for more than a decade. Her hobbies her reading good books, shopping, and going to car races with her husband, David.

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