TO the heart, which is home – Welcome to the world of Wenzhou Country Garden home

At 14:00 New York time on January 24, 2019, a red dynamic manuscript was posted on the Nasdaq Grand Screen in Times Square, New York, where everyone met at the crossroads of the world.

It was once the window of the country going to the world. In 2011, the “China National Image Promotional Film” character appeared here to introduce the Chinese dream to the world. Here, it is also the starting point for the giants to go global. Baidu, Alibaba, Jingdong and Gree have all shown their brand strength to the world here. This time, Country Garden intends to use the creative form of Wanjia Lighting, a dynamic draft with the theme of “welcoming the world Wenzhou people to go home”, combined with the Wenzhou thoughts from the online collection:

“Triangle door fairy well, wonderful fruit pig temple bell”、”After 18 years, glutinous rice became the heart of the miss.”、”White Deer Studios, the exclusive memory of youth”、”How far you can go, you can’t walk out of the heart of the river.”、”My stubborn thoughts -go back Wenzhou”. Just a five, simple sentence, every word the truth, conveying the deep love call of Wenzhou’s hometown people. I hope that this call can be passed to everyone in the world of Wenzhou: Wenzhou people, it is time to go home!

No matter where you are, to where the line, there is always a place waiting for you. That place is called home. Country Garden as a national leading enterprises, shoulder to create a better life mission, is committed to building large US cities, also went to the heart of a foreign country you return to the embrace of home. Go Home!

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