Taking fitness to the next level, The Physique Builder is the best resource that takes the guess work out of building a better person

Phillip, the owner and creator of “The Physique Builder”, is helping hundreds of thousands of his clients build the body of their dreams. The road to becoming a fitness entrepreneur wasn’t easy, in fact, it all started with one piece of equipment, the lawnmower. Growing up, Phillip’s parents were very strict religious parents, being poor only meant one very important thing, if you wanted something you earned it, at the age of 9, Phillip’s mother gave him the first tool he attributes to his success, a lawnmower. Phillip earned money by cutting lawns, his own to keep this valued equipment, and neighbors so he could earn extra money. It taught him a valuable lesson, if you really want something, you have to work at it, a motto he still applies in his everyday life.

After years of setbacks, personal problems and a near death experience, Phillip took back his life in a positive way. He is now on a mission to not only motivate, inspire and teach others to change their lives from the inside out. On his website thephysiquebuilder.com you can scroll through and see numerous clients he has helped with his programs. His site offers custom plans, challenges and even a lifestyle change program, that has proven to be a success for those who sign up time and time again. The best part about his program, you can do it from anywhere in the country, it’s like having him with you every step of the way.

Not a believer? Check out his website for his and other success stories and see why “The Physique Builder” is the go to online training programs.

To learn more about The Physique Builder go to his website at: www.thephysiquebuilder.com or follow him on Instagram @thephysiquebuilder or on Facebook “The Physique Builder LLC”

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