C.L. Crowder Releases Budding Jim Crow: A New Strain of Prejudice, Shocking Expose On African-American Underrepresentation In The Cannabis Industry And Blueprint For Economic Independence, On Amazon

Jim Crow laws still seem to apply in one thriving sector of the American economy, and this writer is on a mission to put a stop to the blatant injustice faced by his fellow African American entrepreneurs looking to join the Green Rush. Mr. C.L. Crowder recently released Budding Jim Crow: A New Strain of Prejudice, a riveting read that intertwines African-American history with the current state of African Americans’ participation in the cannabis industry, and, using the lessons drawn from centuries of struggle, provides a clear plan on how readers can use that knowledge to manifest a different – and much greener – destiny.

“With the rampant crime going on in our communities and nothing else is working, why not try this?” Mr. Crowder asked. “Give residents of the inner-city something they’re good at. Many of them are already entrepreneurs. Although it is considered illegal on the street level, they take a product, package it, distribute it, sell it, do customer service as well as customer retention, and have to continually find new clients. And they do all of this without any formal record keeping.”

“It’s sad to see these people can’t now make legitimate money because of a criminal record or they don’t have a half a million dollars in capital to put up for a dispensary. The same drug African Americans have been incarcerated for at alarming rates is now lining the pockets of a select group of individuals,” said Mr. Crowder.

“The cannabis industry is yet another example of a missed opportunity to distribute wealth among people of all races, creeds and socioeconomic backgrounds. In Budding Jim Crow, I provide a detailed plan for African Americans to benefit from rising interest in cannabis-related businesses, despite the premeditated measures designed to prohibit our progress. It is my firm belief that, by banding together, and following the principles laid out in the book, we can fight against color barriers in this country, until all black and white individuals have an equal shot at the green.”

Budding Jim Crow: A New Strain of Prejudice is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.com.

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