Listening to a Magic Johnson Agent: Motivational Speaking

Athletes are familiar with delivering a message on the playing field every time that they play a game. Children grow up watching their favorite athletes do this on a regular basis. Players cannot play forever though, and eventually their careers on the field come to an end. Those players are still young enough to find a new career, even if the money may not be a necessity for them. This is why many athletes turn to companies such as Playing Field Promotions and work with them to provide motivational speeches to their former fans who are now older and in the professional workplace. 

What Value Do Former Players Have As Motivational Speakers? 

Former professional players, such as Magic Johnson, find themselves with a potential audience after they retire. That audience is the sports fans that watched them. These players work with groups such as the Public Speakers Association to become polished speakers and present their messages in a way that meets the desires of their clients. When an employer wishes to hire one of these athletes, they can go to the website of a promotions company for help choosing an athlete for their event. 

What Types Of Messages Do Athletes Share As Motivational Speakers? 

There are many types of messages that athletes can share with motivational speakers. Some athletes grew up in very poor households as children. They found that they had to make do and survive as children with a very small amount of resources. Sharing their experiences, they can explain to business executives how it is possible to succeed when it seems that they are an underdog compared with competition 

Not every athlete experienced success immediately in their careers. Some of these players were rejected by little league teams. Others sat on the bench until their senior year as a college player. Even some superstars of today found themselves released by several professional teams before finding success and becoming the star athletes at the end of their careers. The message that can be shared here is about continuing to try even when you fail. 

Professional athletes can also share what it is like to be a leader when you are successful. For this type of message, they are frequently brought in to speak with business executives who are leaders. The players explain how they led others on the field and gained their faith and trust not just as a player but as a leader as well. The business executives can then learn that being a leader is not something that comes natural even to the most skilled individuals, it’s something they have to work for. 

When To Hire Professional Athletes As Motivational Speakers 

There are a variety of times where bringing in a motivational speaker might meet the need of your company. If you have recently promoted a group of new managers, they can learn what it is like to lead. Experienced managers can learn to develop trust. These messages shared by professional athletes can inspire leadership.

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