Par Funding\’s Joseph Laforte Helps Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Company Expand by 30% in 2018

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Par Funding helps a Service Disabled Veteran-owned company, Quantum Builders, expand their business and take on government projects. More information about Par Funding is available at

Par Funding has recently announced the success of their project with Quantum Builders, a registered Service Disabled Veteran-owned company. Quantum Builders is owned by Victor Milbourne who is a Service Disabled Veteran, Victor proudly served our country as a Forward Observer and as a Combat Engineer. Par Funding was able to help his company flourish by drawing up a factoring agreement for Quantum Builders that has provided the necessary funds that Quantum Builders needed in order to expand their business and get new government contracts.

Factoring Agreement with Quantum Builders

Par Funding works with small- and medium-sized businesses in order to help them with short-term liquidity and long-term capital solutions. Businesses often find themselves in tough situations and need additional assistance to improve their financial position and cash flows. Without such assistance, many companies are forced to close shop and lay people off. Par Funding also provides financing solutions for companies that aspire to grow and expand their customer base.

Service Disabled Veteran-owned company, Quantum Builders, is another example of the many businesses that Par Funding has helped over the years. Par Funding developed a factoring agreement for Quantum Builders, under which Par Funding provided funds for the company in exchange for its accounts receivable. Using these finances, Quantum Builders was able to take on many government projects that allowed it to expand and flourish.

Victor Milbourne, owner of Quantum Builders and a Service Disabled Veteran, said “Quantum Builders grew by 30% in 2018 with the assistance of Par Funding. If it wasn’t for Par Funding, I would have never been able to expand my business.

A Note of Thanks

Joseph Laforte, a team leader at Par Funding, expressed his gratitude to Victor Milbourne and other veterans and soldiers for their service to the country and all its citizens. He stated, “It is my great honor to help Victor Milbourne grow and expand his business. It is because of the sacrifices and courage of heroes like him that you and I can enjoy our freedoms and exercise our rights. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to veterans and men and women in uniform for their service for this great nation. Par Funding is proud to be associated with one such hero.”

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